Dec 23, 2017 Décor

Think Big: These Small Kitchen Island Ideas Will Make Cooking Easier

by Gabrielle Savoie

Small kitchens can be tricky to maneuver. Often you're lacking three essential components: storage, counter space, and an eat-in option—especially when you don't have a dining room. The obvious solution is a kitchen island, which solves all three problems at once. Unfortunately, not every space has the square footage to accommodate a full-size standalone island smack in the middle of the room. That said, you don't have to give up on your dreams of a kitchen island altogether.

Perhaps you won't be able to seat five people for dinner or have enough room to roll out multiple feet of handmade pasta, but we promise you can have a makeshift kitchen island, even in the most petite space. Do you want to improve the functionality of your tiny kitchen? Get ready to see your space in a whole new light—these small-kitchen island ideas will come in handy whether you need more storage or extra counter space.

Instead of a full-size kitchen island, try adding a vintage butcher block to your space. These take less space, but are incredibly sturdy and offer versatile storage. Best of all, they'll give your room a ton of character.

Chairish Old Wood Butcher Block ($1600)

If you're remodeling a small kitchen, don't automatically assume you can't have an island or breakfast bar. By removing a wall or cutting space elsewhere, you can have your cake and eat it too. For instance, in this small kitchen, storage space is limited to the floor-to-ceiling cupboards on the back wall, leaving space on the opposite side for counter space and a breakfast bar.

West Elm Linear Wood LED Pendant ($299)

If you have a long, narrow kitchen that doesn't really lend itself to a full-size kitchen island, try extending one of your kitchen counters or removing the lower cabinets to create a makeshift breakfast bar. You'll still have the extra counter space but you'll also have room to eat in if you need it.

Rejuvenation Nicolle Counter Stool With Back ($369)

If your kitchen have enough space for a kitchen island but you're looking to add storage and a little bit of prep space, consider a kitchen cart instead. Store your heavy-duty pots and pans and roll around as needed—this handy kitchen addition will make your small space infinitely more practical.

Normann Copenhagen Block Table Cart ($308)

No space for a standalone kitchen island? That doesn't mean that you necessarily have to forego your dream of a breakfast bar. Try hanging a narrow shelf on an empty wall at bar heigh, and tuck a couple of stools underneath to instantly create an eat-in kitchen and extra counter space all at once.

Hay About a Stool ($360)

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Opening Image: Courtesy of Studio Ashby