Attention, Veggie-Lovers: Amy's Kitchen Is Opening a Drive-Through

If your home or office is anything like ours, you're familiar with Amy's Kitchen, the go-to source for delicious, convenient, and frozen vegetarian meals. Brace yourselves, because fans of the brand will be thrilled to hear that Amy's is opening a drive-through restaurant in Rohnert Park, California, just north of San Francisco. That's right: a vegetarian, healthy drive-through. Amy's Drive Thru will offer burritos, macaroni and cheese, pizzas, salads, and more that you're already familiar with thanks to its existing packaged meals. Also on offer? Milkshakes and vegan shakes. According to the brand, every item on the menu will be available as vegan or gluten-free, and more than 95% of the products are organic, with many locally sourced. No word on when future locations might pop up, so for now, looks like Rohnert Park is the place to be.

To read more about the restaurant and menu, head to Huffington Post.

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