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How Studio Life.Style Helped Stylist Andrea Lublin Bring Her Fashion Sense Home

dark living room

Studio Life.Style 

When fashion stylist Andrea Lublin, of Andrea's Lookbook, set out to decorate her Los Angeles, California home, she knew she wanted it to mirror her own personal style. So, she enlisted Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl, of Studio Life.Style to help make that dream a reality.

"My approach to fashion is to be the “chic girl next door.” I feel my house says exactly the same thing," Lublin explains to MyDomaine. "While it is elevated and beautiful, it is still warm and inviting. There is nothing pretentious or show-y about it, but still an elegant, forever home."

Wollack and Zwickl approached the home with care to make sure the final design felt stylish and livable, but never grandiose.

"Studio Life.Style is at its core approachable yet elevated at the same time," the designers tell MyDomaine. "Our goal here was to make the home feel warm, fun, and approachable given the grand scale of the space."

And considering Andrea has a distinct and recognizable fashion style, Wollack and Zwickl focused on discovering and honing her decorating style, which is exactly what they did. They describe the final product as "a bit coastal, a bit preppy, but not afraid to take a risk in a bold painterly wallpaper or painting a room a dark color."

Studio Life.Style

In the kitchen, Wollack and Zwickl focused on bringing in warm accents and durable materials, like the quartz countertops.

"The scale of the kitchen is very grand, with two islands, a double fridge, and 12 foot ceilings," they tell MyDomaine. "We made the space feel more intimate by selecting a stained white oak shaker style cabinet, which instantly added warmth to the vast space. The warmth of the cabinet is juxtaposed with the stainless-steel hood, which serves as the central focal point to ground the space."

dark dining area
Studio Life.Style

The formal dining room and living room were originally two distinct spaces, but during the design process they were combined so there would be a stylish space to gather before sitting down for dinner parties. To further make the space feel special, the designers painted the walls dark and embraced glamorous accents.

"This room was a bit of a departure from the casual, modern feel of the rest of the house" the designers explain. "Andrea wanted the space to feel dramatic, so we embraced a color palette of black and brass for the striking contrast, while softening it with blush and nude tones."

home office
Studio Life.Style

While Lublin loves the whole house, perhaps her favorite space is the office. She describes it as a space where she feels "inspired, creative, and ready to work."

"It’s a dream," she tells MyDomaine. "Super clean lines, a mix of warm and cool tones, airy and best of’s all mine! Studio Life.Style had the great idea to bring my signature Instagram mood boards to life by adding hooks on the walls where i could hang outfits and present them to my clients or photograph and post them to my feed. We also carved out a perfect little fitting room, which my clients love."

close up of office
Studio Life.Style

"We also custom made brass and oak hangers from Italy with the ALB logo enmbossed—they really make the space feel “official,” the designers explain.

Looking back on the project, Lublin is thankful to have collaborated with designers who helped her execute her vision all while keeping the process fun.

"Just like I do with my styling clients, Studio Life.Style was able to push me out of my box while still taking direction and bringing my ideas Ito life," she says. "It’s been six months since we finished the project and I miss them deeply!"