5 Things People With Pristine Homes Do Once a Year

Updated 03/02/17
Courtesy of One Kings Lane

There are certain areas of the home we know to clean each day, like our countertops or the area around the sink, but even those with a fastidious daily cleaning routine can neglect the tasks that require less frequent attention. PureWow points out that tasks like clearing gutters and steaming the carpet might not seem urgent, but if left unchecked, they could impact the quality of your home and health of those who live there. Got a spare moment this long weekend? Add these annual cleaning jobs to your checklist for a pristine home. 

  1. Schedule an exterminator. Don't wait until you notice an intrusion of roaches. According to experts, you should have your house checked and preemptively treated annually. 
  2. Clean window exteriors. You might Windex your windows during a quick clean of your home, but be sure to thoroughly scrub the exterior once a year. You'll be surprised how much it affects the quality of light in each room. 
  3. Dust ceiling lights and fans. It's easy to forget to clean the parts of the home that are above eye level, but letting dust collect on top of pendant lights or ceiling fan blades could be an issue for those with allergies. 
  4. Clear gutters. Add this job to your annual cleaning list to ensure your house is ready for a storm or snowfall.
  5. Empty your spare cupboard. Guilty of throwing all your mismatched items in one cupboard or spare draw? It's time to tackle it now and reclaim the space. 

Finished giving your windows a thorough scrub? Complete the job with a spritz of glass cleaner.

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