Anthony Bourdain's 8 Surefire Tips to Cure a Hangover

Updated 04/23/19
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Anthony Bourdain is known for circling the globe in a quest to find the most-unusual foods and drinks imaginable and, as host of Travel Channel's No Reservations and CNN's Parts Unknown, has been spotted getting down and throwing back more than a few. So it seems only fitting that the adventurous chef and drinker would have amassed a broad knowledge of effective hangover cures. As Business Insider says, this is "someone who's beaten a rough 'morning after' on almost every continent." Keep reading to learn Bourdain's strategies.<br/>Be Prepared
"Schedule your hangover," Bourdain told Men's Journal. "Wake up as soon as you can. [Have] a cold Coca-Cola, or Pepsi. Wash down a couple aspirin. Smoke a joint. And the joint will help you to develop an appetite, at which point have some really spicy food. Some spicy leftovers, like leftover kung pao chicken, would be perfect."
Embrace Blood-Based Remedies
According to Business Insider, Bourdain found a potato-based "hangover stew" in South Korea that was made with dried cabbage, vegetables, and congealed ox blood. Yummy.
Have a Juice
While visiting Tijuana on an episode of No Reservations, Bourdain imbibed a local hangover cure made from plum, tomato, and lemon juices topped with a beer. Hair of the dog, anyone?
Dial Up the Spice
Again, the chef recommends bringing the heat when it comes to beating a hangover. When planning a menu for a New Year's Day brunch, Bourdain served Leche de Tigre, which is the spicy runoff from ceviche and apparently a popular hangover cure in Peru. We'll take his word for it.
For four more oddball but probably effective hangover remedies Bourdain's picked up on his travels, head to Business Insider.<br/>Shop some hangover survival must-haves below!
What's your secret remedy for recovering after a night of too many? Share with us in the comments!

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