18 Ways to Decorate With Anthracite, an Ultra-Moody Shade of Gray

A living room with brown leather chairs and an anthracite gray upholstered sofa

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Gray may seem like a relatively simple color. In its softest variations, gray is subtle, versatile, and capable of complementing the boldest items in your home. But, work your way toward the darker end of the spectrum, and you’ll see how statement-making gray can be.

Anthracite, one of the darkest shades of gray on offer, can be striking, dramatic—even moody. And whether used in large or small doses, the color is sure to turn heads. 

What Is Anthracite?

Anthracite is an incredibly dark shade of gray. The color is named after anthracite coal, a black rock that looks dark gray, thanks to a shiny luster.

Anthracite gray is a deep shade of charcoal gray, which is widely regarded as one of the darkest grays around. Anthracite’s namesake, anthracite coal, is a black rock with a metallic sheen. And this luster softens the rock’s color, making it look dark gray, rather than black. Suffice it to say, anthracite is about as close as you can get to black without going all the way—making it a lovely addition to many homes.

To help you understand how to decorate with the color anthracite gray, we’ve rounded up some of the best anthracite gray décor ideas we could find.

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Cozy Up a Room With an Anthracite Paint Job

A cozy powder room with walls that have been painted anthracite gray

Becca Interiors

Dark paint colors tend to leave rooms feeling smaller and more intimate. So if you’re looking for a way to cozy up your powder room, consider covering your walls with a coat of anthracite paint.

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Soften Your Floors With an Anthracite Rug

A dining room with white walls, a black dining room table, and a plush anthracite gray rug

Devon Grace Interiors

Soften the sleekest hardwoods in your home by topping them with an anthracite rug. The accent piece will add a welcome dose of texture to your space, while the color bridges the gap between the darkest and lightest pieces in the room.

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Snag Pillows in Every Shade of Gray

A gray living room couch topped with a dark anthracite gray pillow and a striped blue-gray throw blanket

Bespoke Only

Remember that you’re not limited to one shade of gray. So, pair your dark anthracite pillows with a cozy pewter couch, and throw in a blue-gray blanket for good measure.

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Ground Your Bedroom With a Plush Anthracite Carpet

A bedroom with wooden furniture, off-white decor, and an anthracite gray rug layered over beige carpets

Cathie Hong Interiors

One surefire way to make your bedroom feel cozier? Ditch the classic off-white carpets in favor of a dark, moody anthracite.

And if you don’t want to go full reno, just layer an anthracite rug over your carpets, instead.

(And if you don’t want to go full reno, just layer an anthracite rug over your carpets, instead.)

(And if you don’t want to go full reno, just layer an anthracite rug over your carpets, instead.)

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Line Your Bathroom Floors With Dark Marble Tiles

A bathroom with dark marble tiled floors, a white bathtub, and an anthracite gray striped towel

Julian Porcino

Some of the darkest marbles on offer look a lot like anthracite: they’re almost black, but they’re softened by bits of gray and white. If you want a way to capture the color and texture anthracite offers, consider lining your floors with dark marble tiles.

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Fill Your Kitchen With Anthracite Cabinets

A contemporary kitchen with anthracite gray slab cabinets

Ashley Montgomery Design

Searching for a kitchen cabinet color that’s bold but not vibrant? Consider anthracite. The color is veritably striking. But since it’s a neutral, it should play well with everything else in your kitchen.

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Look for Art That Isn’t Quite Black and White

A bedroom decorated with framed off-white prints featuring anthracite gray shapes

Katie Hodges Design

Black and white art is a popular choice. But, keep an eye out for pieces that have grown weathered or faded, and you’ll have some pops of anthracite to add to your space.

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Set the Mood With an Anthracite Sofa

A living room with brown leather chairs and an anthracite gray upholstered sofa

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Looking for a living room sofa that’s bolder than gray, softer than black, and still versatile enough to suit your décor scheme? A cozy anthracite couch should tick all the boxes.

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Stock Up on Dark Gray Accent Lamps

A wooden console table topped with two anthracite gray table lamps

Sarah Fultz Interiors

Anthracite doesn’t have to be the star of the show. By snagging a couple anthracite accent lamps, you can add contrast to your space—without flooding it with dark color.

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Spring for an Ultra-Bold Backsplash

A contemporary kitchen with an anthracite gray tiled backsplash

Cathie Hong Interiors

Dark backsplashes aren’t the kind of thing you see every day. But since anthracite is simultaneously soft and striking, it can add flair to your kitchen without overwhelming it.

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Line Your Shower Walls With Anthracite Marble

A luxurious shower lined with dark anthracite marble and shiny gold hardware

Devon Grace Interiors

A marble-lined shower is an absolute luxury, and while marble looks good in just about any color, it looks particularly elegant in anthracite.

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Score a Bed That’s Almost Black

A wood-filled bedroom with an upholstered anthracite gray bed frame

Julian Porcino

Anthracite is a great bed frame option. Why? It’s bold enough to feel present, but still versatile enough to house your most eye-catching blankets and pillows.

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Take a Risk on an Anthracite Accent Wall

A bathroom with an anthracite gray tiled accent wall and matching tiled floors

Cathie Hong Interiors

Intimidated by the thought of an anthracite room? Consider trying out an anthracite accent wall, instead.

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Frame Your Darkest Grays With Pitch Black Paint

An anthracite gray tiled fireplace framed by a pitch black painted mantel

Ashley Montgomery Design

Looking for a way to spotlight your favorite anthracite accents? Bring them into sharp relief by pairing them with an even darker color: black.

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Add Contrast to a Light-Filled Kitchen

A light-filled kitchen with blonde wood cabinets and anthracite marble countertops

Julian Porcino

Dark countertops may seem too bold for light kitchen cabinets. But favor anthracite over black, and you can add contrast in a way that feels soft, rather than stark.

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Draw Attention to Your Favorite Statement Cabinets

A dining room with wood-lined ceilings, off-white walls, and accent cabinets that have been painted anthracite gray

Katie Martinez Design

When painting accent cabinets, it can be tempting to go bold. But if you’d rather make a subtle statement, stick with a color that’s striking but soft—like anthracite.

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Segment Your Space With a Stripe of Dark Paint

A dining room flanked by white walls, which are lined with a thick anthracite gray stripe at the bottom

Bespoke Only

Your paint job doesn’t have to run from ceiling to floor. By painting the bottom third of your walls anthracite, you can cozy up the space around your furniture without filling your space with dark paint.

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Go All In on the Statement-Making Shade

A kitchen lined with ceiling-to-floor anthracite gray cabinets

Reagen Taylor Photography

You’ve made the bold choice to decorate with anthracite, so why hold yourself back now? Cover your walls in the color, or fill your space with floor-length anthracite cabinets. Since the color isn’t particularly vibrant, it shouldn’t overwhelm your space—even when used in large doses.