Yes, Please—Anthropologie Just Launched a New Collection Featuring 52 Stunning Archival Prints

Anthropologie 52 Conversations Collection


It's no secret that Anthropologie is a destination for playful, bold prints and patterns—whether you're shopping for clothing or home décor. That's why the brand handpicked 52 of the best conversational prints from their archives. This way, there would be a print that could tell a story for every week of the year. According to Anthropologie, each pattern is meant to spark conversation and garner comments.

The brand's team of designers worked to reimagine some of their archival prints with new colors and designs, however, some are exactly the same as when they were first released. "I've always loved finding vintage inspiration, then adding that special twist that makes it unique," says senior designer Lila Patil, according to Anthropologie's site.

It's officially been one year since the brand set out on its quest to breathe new life into so many of its signature prints and patterns. Now, they're releasing a plethora of prints for your home on everything from chairs and pillows to beach umbrellas and kitchen essentials with a collection dubbed 52 Conversations.

Ahead, shop the maximalist home décor and furnishings adorned in seriously bright and amusing patterns. If you're not already dreaming of warm, lazy days, this collection will have you craving that summer energy.

Colloquial Petite Accent Chair
Anthropologie Colloquial Petite Accent Chair $498

This tufted, modern chair features a playful print depicting beach umbrellas in a variety of colors and designs. Add the upholstered accent piece to the corner of your bedroom or living room.

Colloquial Sheet Set
Anthropologie Colloquial Sheet Set $58

Pastel colored wildflowers adorn this sweet sheet set. Layer the patterned sheets beneath a solid duvet cover in a neutral hue for an unexpected pop of visual interest.

Colloquial Kitchen Knives, Set of 3
Anthropologie Colloquial Kitchen Knives, Set of 3 $24

Cooking in the kitchen would be so much more fun if you had this set of knives to do your chopping, slicing, and dicing with. The three pieces each feature different colors and fruit-inspired patterns like watermelons, strawberries, and lemons.

Colloquial Pillow
Anthropologie Colloquial Pillow $58

Infuse a sitting area or bedroom with color and design by plopping one of these patterned throw pillows on a piece of furniture. One or more would look whimsical on a sofa, a bed, or an accent chair.

Colloquial Beach Chair
Anthropologie Colloquial Beach Chair $228

This weather-resistant chair was made for the outdoors. Leave it poolside in your own backyard or bring it with you to the beach. It features a summer-appropriate lemon print that will have you craving an ice cold glass of lemonade.

Colloquial Candle
Anthropologie Colloquial Candle $26 $21

For time spent indoors, choose this blackberry absinthe-scented candle with a kitschy design. It displays a pattern of cats swirling around the candle tin on top of a blue hue. Fun to the max.

Colloquial Spatula
Anthropologie Colloquial Spatula $10

Whip up some baked goods in style with these colorful spatulas. You can choose between patterns featuring leopards, watermelons, and birds (or collect all three).

Colloquial Indoor/Outdoor Rug
Anthropologie Colloquial Indoor/Outdoor Rug $48

This bright and cheery rug coated in a floral pattern is just the thing to liven up any room and make it feel like spring all year round. Try pairing it with furniture made of natural material like rattan for an easy, breezy look.

Colloquial Wallpaper
Anthropologie Colloquial Wallpaper $128

Turn an ordinary interior into an original and unique space with this wallpaper featuring a black and white pattern created by graphics of old-fashion telephones. It's perfect for the front entryway or a small office.

Colloquial Melamine Tumblers, Set of 5
Anthropologie Colloquial Melamine Tumblers, Set of 5 $33

This amusing set of melamine tumblers comes with five different prints and color schemes. Sip from cups adorned with dachshunds, cats, watermelons, leopards, and lemons. You and your guests will get a kick out of the lively pieces.

Colloquial Terai Folding Cahir
Anthropologie Colloquial Terai Folding Chair $228

Cotton upholstery in a deep shade of black fabric dotted with small, colorful flowers and an Indian rosewood frame makes up this romantic folding chair. It feels relaxed and casual, perfect for setting up at a small bistro table in the kitchen.

Colloquial Beach Towel
Anthropologie Colloquial Beach Towel $58

When it comes time to hit the pool or the beach, you'll want to wrap yourself up in this wild beach towel. The intricate leopard print is sure to catch the eye.

Colloquial Beach Umbrella
Anthropologie Colloquial Beach Umbrella $248

Designed for the outdoors, this weather-resistant beach umbrella can't be missed (even on a crowded beach). It's speckled with watermelon slices and adorned with playful, white tassels.

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