This Affordable Home Update Has Been Hiding at Anthropologie All Along

Updated 04/28/17
a spinning blue drawer nob
Original Graphic by Stephanie DeAngelis

Cheap and chic hardware, why are you so hard to come by? This décor detail can make an unexpectedly dramatic difference in the overall look of a home, so it's a shame that it isn't easier to find affordable and hip options. Not only do well-curated handle pulls, doorknobs and wall fixtures spruce up a lackluster space, but they also create cohesion, an essential element of design. Indeed, incorporating a consistent accent throughout every room in the house makes it feel like a customized unit without being too matchy-matchy.

Since these simple items are a low-touch way to give your home a major style upgrade, we decided it'd be worthwhile to hunt for some gems. After a little digging, we discovered a treasure chest of versatile hardware options at Anthropologie. So if you feel like your home is lacking that finishing touch, or you're ready to give it a small refresh without having to start from scratch, consider this roundup of chic hardware your solution. Scroll through to see our favorite 15 Anthropologie pieces, and shop the ones that speak to your style.

To Decorate the Walls

For a Parisian Twist

Anthropologie B&W Wall Hook
Anthropologie B&W Wall Hook $18

Adorn your entryway walls with a cluster of these hooks for a stylish way to show off your favorite coats and hats while also staying organized. 

For an Industrial, Grown-Up Feel

Anthropologie Forged Tieback
Anthropologie Forged Tieback $24

Let the sunshine flood inside by pulling your drapes back with this handsome hook.

For a Shabby-Chic Accent

Anthropologie Ceramic Melon Hook
Anthropologie Ceramic Melon Hook $14

This bright orange-red ceramic hook will introduce a subtle yet strong pop of color. The curvy and curly details feature just the right amount of whimsy.

For an Effortlessly Fancy Feel

Anthropologie Dotted Ames Switch Plate
Anthropologie Dotted Ames Switch Plate $22

Lighten up with this chic dalmatian-like switch plate. It'll bring in some personality to an all-white space, and it'd fit right in with an already pattern-packed place.

For a Cheeky, On-Trend Aesthetic

Anthropologie Handheld Tieback
Anthropologie Handheld Tieback $48

Better than all your favorite handheld devices put together, these tiebacks can be all yours to have and to hold your curtains back. 

To Beautify the Cabinets

For a Farmhouse Setting

Anthropologie Pliant Rope Handle
Anthropologie Pliant Rope Handle $12

This casual rope pull will fit in perfectly in a country-chic home, especially in a farmhouse-style kitchen. Fasten them to your cabinets in any room for easier access to all your stored goods. 

For a Simply Modern Mood

Anthropologie Cayden Handle
Anthropologie Cayden Handle $14

In a brooding matte black hue and soft, organic shape, this unassuming handle will blend in with a variety of environments. 

For a Hint of Sass in Brass

Anthropologie Streamline Handle
Anthropologie Streamline Handle $14

If you've been trying to come up with ways to bring more brassy accents into your décor scheme, consider this your pot of gold (in the form of a handle pull, of course).

For a Glamorous Color Pop

Anthropologie Viridian Handle
Anthropologie Viridian Handle $26

We've found the Emerald City in the form of door pull. If only the actual cabinet led us somewhere as exciting as Oz. Alas, it is but a drawer full of napkins and flatware.

For a Mountainside Atmosphere

Anthropologie Tanga Toggle Knob
Anthropologie Tanga Toggle Knob $18

We imagine this stone-and-wood piece in an Aspen retreat, though it would bring some stylish mountain cabin flair to any home. 

To Embellish the Doors

For an Element of Elegance and Intrigue

Anthropologie Century Knob
Anthropologie Century Knob $10

Behind every great door is an even greater knob. Imagine it with a dusty rose or deep olive and army green color scheme. The options are endless with this intriguing knob of smokey glass and asymmetrical silhouette.

For a Slight Bohemian Vibe

Anthropologie Ceramic Melon Knob
Anthropologie Ceramic Melon Knob $8

Cool and approachable in cobalt, this is the perfect knob for the front door to welcome your guests. 

For a Tasteful Metallic Touch

Anthropologie Serina Knob
Anthropologie Serina Knob $8

Add a touch of silver to your home vis-a-vis this pounded knob. Sprinkled throughout the doors in your home, it will be a subtle way to tie everything together.

For Easy Sophistication

Anthropologie Harvey Knob
Anthropologie Harvey Knob $8

Casual yet refined, this black wooden knob is a classic way to unify and upgrade a home of any interior vibe.

For a Hint of Whimsy and Magic

Anthropologie Gardening Indoors Knob
Anthropologie Gardening Indoors Knob $8

When one door closes, you find this little guy on the other side. How's that for a silver lining? Plain in shape and playful in color and print, this shabby-chic knob will introduce a fun twist to your home.

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