Anthropologie’s New Fall Collection Will Inspire You to Restock Your Kitchen



The end of summer brings with it a veritable mixed bag of emotions. Dread, because the summer sun is slipping away. Excitement, because a cozy, hygge-filled fall awaits us all. And, of course, an immense desire to shop, because if all those summer parties we hosted taught us anything, it’s that our kitchen is in desperate need of a tune-up: The hostess with the mostest is nothing without a set of sleek dinnerware. (Turns out, those plastic plates we bought in college are not an inspiring choice for a dinner party.) Thankfully, Anthropologie’s fall collection is here to help.

True to form, Anthropologie’s fall collection is rife with chic, vibrant pieces fit for every room in your house. There are statement-making sectionals on offer. Printed rugs abound. And we’d be remiss not to mention the incredible selection of modern desert décor (Etsy did call out Southwestern decor as one of 2019’s top home trends, after all). Though we’re apt to cherish any opportunity to restock our homes with seriously chic wares, right now our eyes are drifting to one place and one place only: Anthropologie’s kitchen section, which is filled with dinner sets straight out of your wildest hostess dreams.

We’re talking maximalist plates adorned with animals and flowers. Kitschy sets that pay homage to vintage subway tiles. Black ceramic plates that drip with edgy, artisan appeal—or on the opposite end of the spectrum, gold metallic plates that feel decidedly contemporary. The beauty of all this variety? You’re bound to find something that meets your needs as a hostess and your home’s carefully curated aesthetic, to boot. 

Sure, you have all of autumn to shop the stunning new collection, but why wait? Right now—right after all those summer parties you just threw—you know exactly what your kitchen’s short on. So go forth and stock up. Your future self will thank you the next time she’s hosting a shindig.

cheese plate
Anthropologie Bistro Tile Fromage Plate $44

A cheese board is sure to elevate any wine and cheese night you host. And a cheese board that literally says “cheese” on it (albeit in French) will delight your guests and likely make appearances on all of their Instagrams. Really, what more could you ask for?

gold pitcher
Anthropologie Lydia Pitcher $38

Consider your dinner party prayers answered. This sleek serveware is sure to delight guests at even the most sophisticated events you host. Even better? Each piece comes separately, so if you’re low on platters but not on pitchers, you can score exactly what you need without cluttering your cabinets. 

Yellow carafe
Anthropologie Bryce Carafe $24

Carafes are a great way to impress your guests and their taste buds in equal measure. Plus, red wines are better when they have room to breathe, and adulthood means drinking wine thoughtfully—or at least, more thoughtfully than grabbing a twist-off bottle at the nearest grocery store and drinking it out of plastic cups. (If you want to really level up, you can score the matching drinking glasses, too.)

pie plate
Anthropologie Bistro Tile Pie Dish $38

No dinner is complete without dessert. And no dinner party is complete without dessert plates. These delightful pie dishes are not only endlessly cute, but they also have their priorities straight—they’ll always be there to remind you to serve your sweet treat à la mode (with ice cream). 

black plates
Anthropologie Demeter Dinner Plates, Set of 4 $56

Dinnerware can get expensive, so it makes sense to invest in a collection you’ll still love years from now. Given these constraints, black ceramic dinnerware is a pretty incredible option—it’s both classic and versatile. Plus, this collection offers enough creative, artisan appeal to keep you interested even if you eat dinner off of it for the next decade.

Yellow mug
Anthropologie Ilana Matte Mugs, Set of 4 $48

With mugs this cute, you’ll be looking for excuses to make tea parties a mainstay of adult life. Forget wine and cheese nights—bake some cookies, brew a pot of coffee (or tea), and invite your friends over for an afternoon of fun. (And then maybe post-game with a wine and cheese night. Because you don’t have to forget them entirely.)

Animal plates
Anthropologie Nathalie Lete Titania Dessert Plate $16

Maximalists, rejoice. Anthropologie has crafted dessert plates worth adding to your collection stat. Score an all-parrot collection, or stock up on parrots, tigers, and lemurs in equal measure. The beauty of dessert plates is that they don’t have to exactly match. So have fun with it.

yellow plate set
Anthropologie Ilana Matte Dinner Plates, Set of 4 $56

Looking for a dinnerware set that feels a little bolder, a little more vibrant than the sleeker options on the market? Anthropologie has you covered. (Naturally.) These subdued mustard plates will add a pop of color to any spread, and they’ll also look great stacked in your cabinets.

garden plates
Anthropologie Garden Bistro Tile Coaster $12

Though coasters are far less necessary than, say, plates, bowls, and silverware, they’re still a must-have in their own right. Not only will they dress up (and protect!) your table, but they’ll also communicate to your guests that you’re sophisticated enough to own coasters. And that’s invaluable.

Black mug
Anthropologie Demeter Mugs, Set of 4 $48

While hosting is a great excuse to bust out your finest dinnerware, there’s a case to be made for treating yourself to your favorite pieces on the regular. These sleek black mugs will turn any morning into a fancy affair—even if all you’re doing is haphazardly downing coffee before embarking on your morning commute. 

nut bowls
Anthropologie Lydia Nut Bowls, Set of 4 $32

If you’re cool enough to own bowls solely designated for snacks (in this case, nuts), we want to come to your party. Seriously, if your serveware collection is so vast you can dedicate several bowls to nuts and only nuts, you probably take hosting incredibly seriously—and we’re sure you know how to throw together a delicious spread.

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