The Fastest (and Cheapest) Way to Update Your Rental

Anthropologie Hardware
Studio McGee

When I started decorating my empty shell of an apartment in New York's East Village, the most unexpected purchases turned out to be the most transformative. A cream rug hid the orange-tinted floorboards and made the apartment look modern, strategic mirrors drenched the once-dim living room in natural light, and a set of simple black drawer pulls I bought on Etsy completely changed the look of our dated kitchen.

The pulls were among the cheapest items we bought for our home, at about $6 each, yet they're the item guests tend to notice. Although small, they make our cabinets look uniform and expensive, and they tie in with the black iron furniture in our living room. What's more, they took about three minutes to screw into place. What's not to love?

If you're searching for statement pulls to update your dresser, doors, or cabinets, Anthropologie is a one-stop-shop. Its extensive collection of pulls ranges from sleek brass and statement crystal to colorful leather and nursery-appropriate animals. Here are a few of our favorite pulls to update a rental. It'll be the best $10 you ever spend.

Anthropologie Frosted Timber Knob
Anthropologie Frosted Timber Knob $10

This wood, resin, iron, and brass combination gives any basic white dresser boho appeal. 

Anthropologie Marcio Knobs, Set of 4
Anthropologie Marcio Knobs, Set of 4 $32

Sleek and modern, this brushed-brass pull is proof that bigger isn't always better. 

Anthropologie Tuva Knob
Anthropologie Tuva Knob $10

Give a white drawer or door a hint of color with these translucent knobs.

Anthropologie Square Aerin Knob
Anthropologie Square Aerin Knob $10

A brutalist gem to give your home instant street cred.

Corbin Knob
Anthropologie Corbin Knob $18

Leather isn't just for sofas and chairs.

Anthropologie Romana Knob
Anthropologie Romana Knob $14

When form meets function.

Anthropologie Tarantina Knob
Anthropologie Tarantina Knob $12

So simple yet beautiful.

Anthropologie Lola Knob
Anthropologie Lola Knob $16

Listen to feng shui experts and add crystals to your home to improve energy. 

Anthropologie Submarine Knob
Anthropologie Submarine Knob $8

Soften brand-new furniture with these vintage-looking knobs. 

Anthropologie Una Knob
Anthropologie Una Knob $12

Choose from bronze or silver. 

Anthropologie Gretchen Knob
Anthropologie Gretchen Knob $14

Who says all your knobs need to match? 

Anthropologie Rhona Knob
Anthropologie Rhona Knob $10

Made from bone, no two of these toggles are exactly the same. 

Anthropologie Ottie Knob
Anthropologie Ottie Knob $10

Swap out your door handles for these bulbous metal alternatives. 

Anthropologie Marigold Knob
Anthropologie Marigold Knob $12

This gorgeous brass knob is designed to look like a marigold flower. 

Anthropologie Michele Varian Knob
Anthropologie Michele Varian Knob $12

These shiny knobs will catch the light. 

Anthropologie Ceramic Safari Knob
Anthropologie Ceramic Safari Knob $10

A playful addition to a nursery or playroom (or your bedroom—no judgment).

Anthropologie Besson Knob
Anthropologie Besson Knob $18

Understated yet refined. 

Anthropologie Rebel & Quill Totemic Knob
Anthropologie Rebel & Quill Totemic Knob $14

A brushed-brass knob with art deco vibes. 

Anthropologie Glinted Prism Knob
Anthropologie Glinted Prism Knob $8

These $8 knobs would make any tired cabinet look brand-new. 

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