The One Thing You're Not Buying at Anthropologie, But Should Be

blue bathroom

Designed by Emily Henderson Design; Photo by Sara Tramp

Anthropologie might be known for its boho-chic clothing and furniture, but the retailer’s true gem is their selection of hardware. From knobs and pulls to switch plates and gorgeous bathroom accessories like towel bars, it’s hard not to be absolutely obsessed with what this store has to offer.

Many think of hardware as an afterthought, but this accent provides an opportunity for a real design moment. A new knob or pull, especially a beautifully designed one, can upgrade cheap or old cabinetry in an instant. And unlike trying to re-paint, refinish, or replace the entire thing, swapping out hardware takes seconds and is something anyone can do. All you need is a screwdriver.

A new knob or pull, especially a beautifully designed one, can upgrade cheap or old cabinetry in an instant.

It’s also an easy project for renters. Just keep the old hardware and replace it when you move out. Then take your fancy hardware with you to the next place you live for another instant makeover.

Ready to make a change in your own home? Read on for some of our favorite Anthropologie hardware options.


Anthropologie has an eclectic selection of knobs for every room in the home. The hard part is choosing which one you want.

gold rose knobs
Anthropologie Kasia Knobs, Set of 2 $24

For a vintage look, try the Kasia knobs, which look like perfect dupes for something you would find in a flea market. The bronze pops especially well against darker or cherry woods.

crystal drawer pulls
Anthropologie Crowned Quartz Knob $28

The Crowned Quartz knobs are made from real crystal, meaning each one is unique. They’re a whimsical way to bring positive energy into a bathroom. Both purple and clear quartz are available.

Pulls And Handles

There’s nothing worse than a cheap-looking handle on a drawer or door. It just downgrades the aesthetic entirely. Luckily, these are another easy swap.

rattan handle
Anthropologie Mia Rattan Handle $22

The Mia Rattan handle couldn’t possibly be more on-trend right now. The neutral color can work in a variety of spaces and is an easy way to incorporate this ever-popular material without committing to a larger piece such as a chair or table.

leather handle
Anthropologie Saddle Stitch Handle $18

For a warmer, slightly masculine look, the Saddle Stitch handles handles are an excellent choice. Made of brown leather, iron, and brass, these handles are great for home offices, dens, or even in bedrooms. You could even use them to add charm to a set of nightstands.

Switch Plates

Standard white plastic switch plates are the least exciting design choice ever. Yet, can be replaced in under a minute. It’s a subtle yet impactful detail. 

art deco hardware
Anthropologie Retro Swirl Switch Plate $22+

The Pucci-esque Retro Swirl collection features several items including switch plates and outlet covers. The design brilliantly breaks up an all-white bathroom, especially if there is still original tile work. Just add black or gray towels and perhaps a dark shower curtain to bring the entire look together.

Bathroom Hardware

The good thing about bathroom hardware is that you don’t need to invest in an entire set. Even just adding a new towel bar or towel ring can provide a much needed refresh. For anyone who understands the small bathroom storage struggles, consider adding a new shelf instead of fully replacing a vanity. And when it comes to aesthetics, there are so many jaw-dropping designs on offer at Anthro.

towel ring
Anthropologie Francis Towel Ring $34

The twisted bronze Francis collection brings a touch of warm refinement to any bathroom, especially one that's a little cold and contemporary. This design is available in a towel hookmagazine/toilet paper holdertowel ringtoilet paper holder and shelf. Don’t be afraid to mix it with other metals.

towel bar
Anthropologie Gracie Towel Bar $88

Available in both bronze and silver, the Gracie collection features a towel bartoilet paper holdertowel hook, and towel ring. The white flower easily provides a contrast to bold paint and wallpaper, without looking too serious. 


Hooks are a great way to create storage, especially in smaller and narrower rooms. If you don’t have a coat closet, a hook or two in your entryway can make a big difference, especially if you don’t like to keep coats in the bedroom. 

monogram hook
Anthropologie Imogen Monogram Hook $20

The Imogen Monogram Hooks are very useful for families. Everyone can have a hook with the first letter of his or her name so they know exactly where to hang their jacket or bag.

gold hook rack
Anthropologie Madison Hook Rack $148

The Madison Hook Rack has five hooks and just sparkles in an entryway. It’s useful for smaller things like handbags and scarves. It can even be used in a bedroom or dressing room.

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