How Anthropologie Made Their Stunning Sugar-Coated Holiday Windows

When I was in the early stages of college, and trying to figure out what I wanted to do with myself, I contemplated becoming a department store window designer. I’ve always loved checking out the displays of big name stores like Saks Fifth Avenue and Gump’s in San Francisco—especially during the holidays when everything is sparkling, shiny, and festive. One company that excels with window display wizardry is Anthropologie.

For their holiday windows, a talented team of nationwide visual artists created a snowy fantasyland fit for Clara and her cohorts in the classic holiday tale The Nutcracker. Lead by Display Director Erika Lavinia, the Anthropologie team crafted a gingerbread Gumdrop Lane from basic materials like spackle and cardboard. It’s filled with cookie-shingled roofs, leafy garlands, and plenty of glittering white sugary snow. To learn more about the building of the display, watch the video below. 

Make gingerbread cookies inspired by the window display and serve them on a whimsical platter from Anthropologie.

What do you think of Anthropologie's holiday windows?