Anthropologie’s Soho Home Collaboration Is Full of Luxe Décor Must-Haves



Anyone who’s heard of the Soho House has undoubtedly dreamt of sneaking a peek inside. The endlessly chic, endlessly exclusive clubs and hotels are mainstays of the celebrity social scene. With locations in London, New York, and most recently, Barcelona, the members-only chain practically demands intrigue. (The fact that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were recently spotted at the Soho House’s Amsterdam location certainly doesn’t hurt, either.) 

The issue is, of course, that Soho House memberships aren’t easy to come by. So instead of partying alongside the Duchess of Sussex herself, we do what we can. We fantasize. We Instagram-stalk. We dream. And—thanks to a recent collaboration between Anthropologie and Soho Home (the Soho House’s eponymous home décor line, which is filled with pieces inspired by actual Soho House furniture)—we shop, too.

On Tuesday, Anthropologie and Soho Home debuted a collaborative collection featuring everything from furniture, to lighting, to textiles, to home décor. Prices for the Anthropologie x Soho Home line range from $10 to nearly $4,000, depending on whether you’re shopping for drinking glasses or full-on dining room tables. True to form, each Anthropologie x Soho Home piece drips with contemporary-chic elegance; Anthropologie’s vibrant, artisan accents mix beautifully with the elevated luxury Soho Home is known for. The result is a 70-piece home line that feels lively, opulent, and thoroughly worth the price point.

So, the next time you find yourself mourning your lack of a Soho House membership, rest assured knowing you can take a little of the members-only club home with you. Sure, your favorite member of the royal family might not be sipping cocktails alongside you as you settle into your new Anthropologie x Soho Home sofa. But they might’ve sipped cocktails alongside a sofa that looked just like that once upon a time! And that’s gotta be worth something, right? (At the very least, you now own a very cool, very elegant sofa. And that’s definitely worth something.)

Soho Home x Anthropologie Jasmine Chandelier $1198

Chandeliers are sure to add a dose of elegance in any room you hang them in. This Soho Home x Anthropologie option is equal parts classic and contemporary, making it versatile enough to mesh with any aesthetic.

leather chair
Soho Home x Anthropologie Santiago Leather Sling Chair $1298

No home is complete without at least one good reading chair, and this leather beauty is at the top of our wishlist. Not only is it incredibly sleek, but it also looks cozy enough to spend the day in—a win/win, if you ask us.

throw pillows
Soho Home x Anthropologie Tiera Pillow $58

Finding throw pillows that enhance your home’s color scheme without overpowering it can be surprisingly challenging, but these definitely fit the bill. Subtle, sophisticated, and saturated just enough, these throw pillows are sure to leave your living room brighter and more beautiful than they found it. 

Soho Home x Anthropologie Morris Side Table $498

When it comes to shopping nightstands, we tend to prioritize function at the expense of form. This Soho House-inspired table proves the two are far from mutually exclusive. Drawers big enough to hold your things and wood so stunningly crafted you could stare at it all day? Yes, please.

leather chair
Soho Home x Anthropologie Willow Leather Dining Chair $1298

When your dining chairs are so pretty you’d consider filling your house with them, you know you’re doing something right.

velvet bench
Soho Home x Anthropologie Adriana Ottoman Bench $948

Ottomans aren’t likely to top anyone’s list of home must-haves, mostly because they seem more decorative than practical. But anyone who’s searched for somewhere to sit while lacing up their sneakers, or craved additional seating while hosting, or sought a place to throw their clothes while getting dressed in the morning can surely appreciate how sensible shopping for an ottoman actually is.

Textured rug
Soho Home x Anthropologie Textural Moroccan Rug $68+

Have a corner in your house that needs an extra je-ne-sais-quoi? Meet the textured rug. It’ll solve your aesthetic dilemma—and delight your toes every time you walk over it.

Soho Home x Anthropologie Oak Deco Mirror $598

Statement mirrors are a no-fail choice for wall décor. Though your taste in art may change as you get older, your need for a mirror is timeless. Stock up.

yellow tete-a-tete
Soho Home x Anthropologie Curved Chesterfield Tete-A-Tete $2298

A sofa that doubles as two side-by-side reading chairs? Now this is a furniture invention we can get behind. 

wicker chair
Soho Home x Anthropologie Sona Cushioned Chair $998

This undoubtedly cozy reading chair nods to our collective obsession with Southwestern décor without taking the trend too literally. Comfort? Check. Contemporary motifs? Check. Enough timeless appeal to make it worth the investment? Check.

Pink velvet bed
Soho Home x Anthropologie Mariana Bed $2098

You’re not imagining it—this bed is upholstered in millennial pink velvet. (Though if you’d prefer your luxe upholstery in another shade or textile, there are 10 other options on offer.)

Soho Home x Anthropologie Barcelona Ceramic Vase $138+

Want to add a little Soho House flair to your home without absolutely murdering your monthly budget? These decorative vases offer a more accessible way in. (When everything else is priced in the thousands, $100 isn’t so bad, right?) 

Soho Home x Anthropologie Peggy Table Lamp $248

Though we tend to thoroughly deck out our living rooms and bedrooms, we often overlook our home offices. Spruce up your desk with this unique table lamp, and—who knows—maybe you’ll start looking for excuses to log some productivity time.

side table
Soho Home x Anthropologie Barcino Nightstand $998

Always running out of room on your nightstand? This Soho Home x Anthropologie piece fully understands you (and your need for copious storage space).

Soho Home x Anthopologie Adriana Chair $1548

These hotel-worthy chairs come in seven different shades. So if you love the silhouette but prefer a different color, don’t fret—options abound.

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