Anthropologie Has Spoken—These Are the Only Spring Trends You Need to Know

Just when we were preparing to pack our bags and abscond to a far-flung tropical destination, Anthropologie's spring catalog dropped, reminding us not to despair—warmer weather is indeed on the way. Featuring rich colors, lush patterns, and nature-inspired textures, the brand's seasonal home décor line, appropriately deemed The Life Within, boasts enough spring-ready interior inspiration to make the count down to March 20 infinitely more bearable. 

From affordable accents to investment-worthy furniture pieces, each thoughtfully curated item in Anthropologie's spring line emulates the brand's signature ability to lend an organic, lived-in quality to an otherwise polished space. "A lived-in home—one that exudes charm and personality—is at the heart of our new collection," explains Andrew Carnie, the Co-President of Anthropologie, in a press release dedicated to the launch of the line. "It's our most expressive yet, allowing you to convey yourself in entirely new and unexpected ways." With maximalism on the rise, Anthropologie's new, expressive collection is way ahead of the curve. 

To report on the emerging trends the home décor authority is backing this spring, we culled the collection's 1000 new arrivals so you don't have to. (Although, trust us, you're going to want to.) Ahead are the only spring trends you need to know, according to the pages of Anthropologie's latest catalog.