These 5 Foods Actually Boost Serotonin in the Brain

Updated 03/21/17
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The phrase "gut feeling" just got a lot more real. According to MyBody+Soul, the majority of serotonin production happens in our guts. Since the digestive system is so connected to mental health, proper eating and drinking habits are integral to a positive mood. And while there are a variety of natural remedies that boost mood through hormone regulation, fermented foods are the best way to go because they also support gut health and prevent bloating. Not only do these foods function as natural antidepressants due to their microbial properties, but they're also regulars in the foodie scene—you may recognize these cool kids as kimchi, kombucha, tempeh, miso paste, and sauerkraut.


According to a study made up of medical researchers at Cornell and Harvard University, fermented foods amplify the "phytonutrient content of foods, the ultimate value of which is associated with mental health." In other words, the fermentation process creates lactic acid, omega-3, and healthy probiotics, which all support a positive mood.

And beyond the mental health benefits of fermentation, probiotics can also reduce bloating since they promote a healthy and efficient digestive system. While there are many delicious ways to include fermented foods in your meals, it can be hard to ensure you do so on a daily basis. We recommend sipping on some kombucha because it's a simple habit to incorporate into your routine. And since this fermented tea trend has gotten a lot of hype in recent years, there are tons of healthy and delicious options to choose from.

For more natural remedies, read about these delicious foods that regulate serotonin production for a happier mind and body.

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