This $200 Blanket Eases Anxiety and Helps You Sleep Better—Would You Try It?


Bundling up with a warm blanket always musters up feelings of calm and comfort. Taking this relief to a whole new level, you can now find weighted blankets that are specifically designed to calm and restore your body. These blankets are marketed for their ability to reduce anxiety, elevate serotonin, and help you sleep better, according to Prevention.

Those are some pretty lofty promises for a blanket, but there is evidence that shows some of the feel-good effects of these special blankets could be valid. A study published in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders found that participants who slept with a weighted blanket had a calmer night's sleep, concluding that the blanket could benefit those with insomnia.

Prevention also points out that yoga enthusiasts often use weighted eye pillows for ultimate relaxation in Savasana, so it makes sense that this concept could extend to a full-body approach. However, therapy professionals and scientists told Prevention that there was "limited occupation therapy research on the effectiveness." While there is no definitive research that a weighted blanket can cure anxiety or insomnia, bundling up with a cozy blanket couldn't hurt. This weighted blanket from Platinum Health has nearly 300 five-star reviews on Amazon boasting its calming effects. Shop it below.

Platinum Health Calmforter $230

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