The Anxiety-Killing Breathing Trick Yogis and Doctors Swear By

Real talk: Did you know that women are significantly more likely to experience dangerous heart arrhythmias than men are? It’s true! In fact, by age 5, girls already have higher heart rates than boys do. And though the understanding is that these fluctuations and flutters may be spurred on by anxiety, it’s not always the case. If you sometimes suffer from anxiety like so many people do, you’ll know that the symptoms—elevated heart rate, rising body temperature, dizziness—can spring out of nowhere, spurred by (seemingly) nothing at all. It’s unnerving, and no one’s got time for that. We have things to take care of, bosses to become!

That’s why this beyond simple breathing technique—an ancient one that you can practice anywhereis a lifesaver. Scroll to learn more.