7 Home Hacks That Will Kill Your Anxiety


No matter how much effort we put into living a happy and healthy life, anxiety is bound to rear its ugly head one day or another. You might be stressed about an upcoming move, worried about finances, or gut-wrenched at the political climate, and then bam—you're suddenly hit with a pit in your stomach, heavy breathing, and heart palpitations. Does this scenario sound familiar?

Next time you sense these unwelcomed feelings are starting to creep in, there are a few easy things you can do at home to kick them to the curb and get back to your normal self. Identifying the source of your anxiety can be the first step to overcoming a panic attack, but if you're just looking to feel calmer and more in control, these quick hacks can help. Better yet, some of these may actually prevent your anxious tendencies before they even appear. Ready to breathe a big sigh of relief? Try these anxiety home remedies now.

Choose Serene Colors
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Your favorite color may be firetruck red or canary yellow, but when it comes to your home, be especially mindful of the colors that you use. Subtle serene colors like baby blue and mint green can help calm your mind. 

Parachute The Mattress, Queen
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Getting adequate sleep can reduce feelings of anxiety or stress, so if you're having trouble falling asleep, figure out if your bedroom might be to blame. A calm environment and a quality mattress can dramatically alter your sleep patterns.

Try Epsom Salts
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Speaking of sleep, don't try to snooze when your mind is racing. Instead, try winding down with a relaxing bath with a sprinkle of Epsom salt.

Open the Blinds
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Vitamin D helps fight feelings of depression and anxiety, so the next time you're having an episode, let the sunlight in. Long-term, it may be good to invest in solar shades, which let the light through while still providing privacy.

Declutter Your Space
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The old adage rings true: clear space, clear mind. The next time you feel anxious and have too much on your mind, try decluttering your space and watch your stress dissipate.

Cook Healthy
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Taking your time to cook something healthy is relaxing in itself, but what you put in your body can also have a huge impact on your state of anxiety. Try making something with almonds, honey, lemon juice, cardamom, omega-3 fatty acids, rosemary, or lavender, as these are all anxiety-fighting foods.

Play Feel-Good Music
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When you are in a positive state of mind, prepare a feel-good playlist to have ready in case an anxiety attack strikes. Play it whenever you're feeling nervous or down, and update it as needed.

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