The Anzac Day Cookie Recipe That Will Keep Your Health Goals on Track This Week

Updated 04/23/18
Healthy Anzac Cookie Recipe
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Anzac Day is on Wednesday, a time for us to take a moment and honour not just the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought in Gallipoli during WWI, but also to commemorate all soldiers past and present who have served our country. One way we like to do this is by eating our weight in Anzac cookies. Long being a part of our history, many have traced the original Anzac cookie back to when soldiers' family members would send them these moreish treats because they kept well, while also feverishly baking them as a way to fund-raise for war the effort.

While the traditional recipe uses flour, oats, plenty of sugar and butter, and of course, maple syrup; if you’re looking to stay on the health train this week, thanks to "the healthy chef"'s Teresa Cutter, as covered by POPSUGAR Australia, you can bake your cookies and eat them too. Her just-as-tasty recipe that swaps out less-healthy ingredients with chopped almonds, coconut oil and rice syrup as substitutes in the traditional batter. For the full recipe, and instructions head to POPSUGAR Australia.

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