I'm on a Strict Budget—Here's How I'm Decorating My Apartment for the Holidays

Los Angeles holiday season is far from traditional. There's no snow, the sun still shines on most days, and the temperature hardly drops below 60 degrees even in the early hours of the morning. Along with weather that refuses to give into the holiday cheer, the urban environment offers few opportunities to truly deck the halls, especially if you rent a small apartment like me. 

While I won't be carefully stringing colorful lights outside and I don't have a fireplace on which to hang fuzzy stockings, I certainly still plan of filling my home with festive (and stylish) holiday décor. I also plan on staying within my budget while doing so since I'd much rather invest in statement pieces that will stand the test of time—not just a single holiday season. Plus, I don't think my roommates would be pleased to find our small, communal hall closet filled to the brim with holiday décor come January. 

In order to get my holiday fix without committing to large items, blowing my budget, or even needing a hammer and nail, I scoured a few affordable home décor brands for their best apartment Christmas decorations. Here are 15 items currently in my cart that deliver on festive style and don't cost more than $100.