Luxe to Less: The Best Statement Sofas for Every Budget

The moment before you make a big purchase can be a nerve-racking one when niggling doubts bubble to the surface: Have you made the right decision? Will you regret it in the years to come? Few pieces of furniture are more important than a quality sofa, yet interior designer Emily Henderson says buying generic seating is one of the most common mistakes she notices; think dorm-room couches in cheap fabric with try-hard details.

“So often I come into a house and the people have good taste, but they already had a sofa that we had to work with, and that sofa was bad,” she says. “I’ve had to break the news to them over and over, that with this sofa they will never get the room they want.”

Given that 42% of Americans say the first big purchase they ever made was a sofa, it’s important to make the right choice from the start. In other words, step away from the generic-looking couch. To make life easier, we’ve gone in search of the best statement pieces that will graduate any grown-up interior with zero buyer’s remorse. Pick your price range and let the shopping begin.