13 Reasons You Should Stop Complaining About Your "Tiny" Apartment

If you've ever found yourself in a Carrie Bradshaw–level home dilemma (i.e., toying with the idea of stuffing your sweaters into the oven to save space), you know the struggle that comes with small-space living. Since we're not in the business of reminding you of your problems (we'd rather find handy solutions), we're here to share good news: A small space is now not a problem thanks to Pottery Barn's PB Apartment collection.

Whether you live in a tiny studio apartment, have a particular room that feels overcrowded, or are simply looking to maximize your square footage (aren't we all?), this collection is for you. The stylish décor line is created with small-space (and affordable!) living in mind, meaning there are lots of multipurpose furniture pieces, compact tables, and handy storage elements in the mix. See our favorite 13 pieces and prepare to fool everyone with your space-saving décor.