This Minimalist Glassware Is Chic and Philanthropic

Menswear and lifestyle brand Apolis has partnered with the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to create a transparent marketplace called the Global Citizen Exchange. The goal of the annual collaboration is for Apolis to partner with exceptional artisans from around the world and to give them the wider platform they deserve. As Apolis CEO Shea Parton told us, “Our goal is to provide a bigger audience and stronger market for these artisans. We receive one to two artisan opportunities per day and move forward on one out of 100. Design is most important, but just as important are good logistics and pricing and teamwork and the desire to build long-term infrastructure to scale.”

The first Global Citizen Exchange collection is a set of chic, minimalist glassware from Oaxaca, Mexico, a small South American town known for its exquisite glass blowing. 

Through November 14 , the world will have the opportunity to invest and share in the first Global Citizen Exchange. Apolis lists the true costs of the production process for each of the collection’s four 100 percent recycled glassware products on Indiegogo, and once ordered, they will produce each item. Pre-order prices range from $15 for an artisan drinking glass to upward of $1,500 for a glass-blowing studio visit in Oaxaca with Apolis founders Shea and Raan Parton. 

View a video of the design and production process here.

Are you inspired by the idea behind the Global Citizen Exchange? Know of a small-scale artisan who could benefit from this project? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.