Everything You Need to Know About Apple AirPods

Apple finally unveiled the hotly anticipated iPhone 7 yesterday, confirming some controversial details that tech junkies have been speculating about since 2015. Yes, the headphone jack is gone, and yes, all 10 pairs of your Apple headphones will soon go the way of the iPod, the iPhone 4 charger, and the Macbook DVD player. But if the brief discussion in the MyDomaine office was any indication, people aren't quite sure how to feel about Apple's new wireless headphones just yet. Aside from questions as to how the AirPods work, the thought of not having a headphone jack in your iPhone just seems unnatural. Fortunately, this to-the-point video from Circuit Breaker manages to address all of our questions and concerns in just one short minute. From price points, release date, and battery life to the innovative new technology behind the wireless headphones, this video will help you decide whether you're team AirPods or team headphones.

Watch Circuit Breaker’s informative video below, and tell us: Do you plan on picking up a pair of AirPods come October?


Circuit Breaker

Opening Image: Only Deco Love