Your April Horoscope Is Here—This Is What's in Store for You

Updated 04/20/19

At MyDomaine, we want to prepare you for all of life’s challenges, and what better way to do that than by getting some foresight from the stars? Each month, we’ll be bringing you your horoscope along with a power product to help you get through the month, handpicked by our resident horoscope expert, Amelia Quint. If you’re changing careers, moving into a new home, or getting married, consider yourself in good hands. Ahead, Quint shares what to expect this month—and what you’ll need to get through it.

april 2017 horoscopes
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

This month, we’re transitioning from go-getter Aries to slow-and-steady Taurus. You’ll bring any big plans you dreamed up when the sun was in Aries down to earth. Just like flowers in springtime, this is where you nurture those seeds and do the hard work of tending them as they grow. It requires lots of patience, but the payoff is totally worth it. Luckily, Taurus has the resilience to make it happen and excels at working on long-haul projects. Channel that energy into anything you need to grow this month.

It might not happen overnight, but a lot can happen in 30 days.

With Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto all retrograde this month, it’s definitely an introspective time. Venus will help you heal your relationships, Mercury comes through with unexpected inspiration, Saturn shows you how to step up your game, and Pluto reveals where any hidden lucre is hiding. A Libra full moon balances things out with a gentle touch while a Taurus new moon enhances the gardening vibe. For a fun exercise, get a potted plant and watch it grow as the month unfolds. Not only will you have the added benefits of cleaner air and a mood lift, you’ll also get the intrinsic reward of watching it develop. Now that’s beautiful.

aries horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Do you believe that things can be meant to be, Aries? This month, fate puts you in the right place at the right time, especially with Venus retrograde in the sector associated with wishes. After Venus is direct again on April 15, something you’ve been dreaming about comes to fruition. When Venus enters your sign a few weeks later on April 28, you’ll have the charisma you need to keep the good vibes flowing. Focus on that instead of Mercury retrograde, which starts on April 9, in your self-worth zone.

You might have doubts, but don’t worry—your friends will remind you how great you are under the full moon in Libra on April 11. Remember that Mercury retrograde enters your sign on April 20, putting a few roadblocks in your path. It’s only temporary. Your patron planet, Mars, will be in Gemini from April 21, so think your way through whatever’s happening. If money woes have got you down, the Taurus new moon on April 26 swoops in with a quick solution.

Your Power Product: An energy healing session. Devotees say it helps with stress and anxiety, and the stars aligning in your spirituality zone say you could use a mystical boost.

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taurus horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

With Venus, your patron planet, retrograde in your friend zone for most of this month, you find out who’s really got your back. Once Venus is direct again on the 15th, you feel closer to your squad than ever, even if you’ve lost touch with a few people along the way. When Venus enters your inspiration sector on the 28th, your creative side comes out to play. Instead of stressing about Mercury retrograde in your sign from the 9th, use it as an opportunity to think about yourself differently. How are you changing?

Who do you want to be? Reimagine your personal brand, especially as Mercury retrograde activates the area of your horoscope associated with dreams starting on the 20th. The Taurus new moon on the 26 gives you a blank canvas to work with. Get ready to paint.

Your Power Product: A sketchbook. Draw and write notes to yourself and your friends, and use it to sketch out your new and improved aesthetic.

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gemini horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

If your career landscape has been shifting beneath your feet, this is the month you finally find your balance. With Venus retrograde in your professional zone, you get a chance to rethink your aesthetic. How do you want to present yourself? You’ll know once Venus is direct again on April 15. If there were to be a problem here, it would be Mercury retrograde in the area of your dreams sector starting on April 9, but use that as fuel for your career planning. Think back to what you wanted to be when you were little, and riff on that, especially under the Libra full moon on April 11.

It illuminates warm, fuzzy memories about how to play and really enjoy yourself. Incorporate that into your career plans, and you’ll be poised to succeed when Mercury retrograde slides into your house of networking on April 20. Circle back to old connections. You never know what might come of it. You’re more energized than you have been in a long time once Mars hits your sign on the April 20, but make sure to rest when the Taurus new moon lights your sleepy twelfth house on April 26.

Your Power Product: Business cards. If you don’t already have them, invest in some. If you do, now’s a great time to spruce them up.

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cancer horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Are you feeling spread a little thin lately? That’s because Venus retrograde has been traipsing through your expansion sector, pushing you way outside your comfort zone. She’ll be hanging out there until April 15, so lean into the process and let it guide you to where your boundaries are. How much is too much? You’ll know, especially when the Libra full moon encourages you to stay home and recharge your emotional batteries. You will need to watch out on the work front because Mercury retrograde will be moving into your networking and professional sectors this month.

It starts on April 9 and shifts gears on April 20, so mark those dates in your planner. Still, there’s no cause for alarm. Mercury retrograde can also mark a period of positive improvement, so use this one to polish up your résumé, LinkedIn profile, and overall career goals. By the time the Taurus new moon lights up your long-term planning zone on April 26, you’ll be ready to seize any opportunity that comes your way.

Your Power Product: A Bullett journal. People swear by them, and they allow you to invent your own organizational system. Use yours to stay organized during Mercury retrograde in your career zone.

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leo horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

What turns you on, Leo? Everybody knows you love to be seen, but this month you’re honing in on what you do behind closed doors. Thank Venus retrograde in your taboos sector for sprucing up your boudoir. Once Venus is direct again on April 15, you’re more confident than ever in your sexy style. A word of advice: Wait until then to text any exes or make big moves on a new suitor, no matter how strong the urge might be. If there were to be a problem here, it would probably be Mercury retrograde in your career house starting April 9.

You’ll have plenty of paper jams and client mix-ups to contend with, but remember it’s temporary. Luckily, the Libra full moon on April 11 in your brainy third house sends you a lightbulb moment straight from the cosmos. Once Mercury retrograde enters your adventure zone on April 20, you can have a little fun putting what Venus retrograde taught you into action. Under the new moon in the same part of your horoscope, you see how much your perspective has changed for the better.

Your Power Product:day trip. Mercury retrograde isn’t the best time for long-distance travel, but a short retreat could do wonders, especially if you invite your lover to come along.

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virgo horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

With Venus retrograde in your partnership sector since last month, you’ve been learning some tough lessons about relationships. Once Venus is direct again on April 15, any weird vibes that arose between you and your lovers, best friends, or business partners dissipates, but you emerge much wiser than before. Your evolution continues as Mercury, your patron planet, starts his retrograde phase on April 9, activating your personal growth zone. Use this period to purge any old-school beliefs or philosophies that could be holding you back, and replace them with something more uplifting.

You get a sweet reward for your hard work under the Libra full moon in your value sector on April 11, possibly in the form of cold, hard cash. Mercury retrograde in your house of intimacy on April 20 resolves any lingering loose ends from Venus retrograde, but it might come with a few awkward conversations. Not to worry, the Taurus new moon on April 26 brings you an exciting adventure to distract you. Enjoy the diversion.

Your Power Product: A good bottle of wine. Whether it’s tempranillo or pinot noir, you can share it with your favorite people or drink it yourself as a treat. This month, you’re gonna need it.

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libra horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

We know you’re great at taking care of others, but have you been taking care of yourself? Venus retrograde in your health and habits zone since last month insists you get your personal-care regimen back on track. That means sleep, hydration, skincare, and everything else that keeps you in working order could use an update. The Libra full moon on April 11 gives you an undeniable glow, so whatever you’re up to must be working. If there were to be a problem this month, it would be Mercury retrograde in your shared resources sector stirring up trouble when it comes to sex, taxes, and your personal boundaries.

You’ll know what your limits are after this, and when Mercury retrograde slips into your partnership zone on April 20, you might have to enforce them. Doesn’t it feel good to say no, Libra? Luckily, the love planet Venus smooths things over when she joins Mercury retrograde on April 28. The other best day of the month? The Taurus new moon on April 26 marks a sweet new era for your sex life. Yes, please.

Your Power Product: A multipurpose serum. Nobody wants stress breakouts, and these days there plenty of excellent serums that feel great and work like a charm. Find one that feels decadent.

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scorpio horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

What’s life if you can’t enjoy it? Venus retrograde into your pleasure sector on April 2 reminds you how important it is to play. If you don’t enjoy yourself, the love goddess is going to find a way to make it happen for you. Once she’s direct again on April 15, you’ll have a much better understanding of what you need in order to balance business and pleasure. Lucky for you, Mercury retrograde in your relationship zone starting on April 9 might make communicating with your crew a little tough, but you’ll manage.

The Libra full moon in your spirituality sector on April 11 helps you put it all into perspective, and Pluto (your patron planet) retrograde on April 20 transforms the way you express yourself. Tweaking the way you speak, write, and make art will make you feel so much better. When Mercury retrograde moves into your health and habits house on April 20, you might feel overwhelmed with your responsibilities. Luckily, the Taurus new moon sends reinforcements in the form of your lovers, best friends, and business partners.

There’s no shame in accepting their help.

Your Power Product: A blanket roll. It’ll come in handy for picnics or impromptu yoga in the park, especially when Mercury retrograde lands in your pleasure zone.

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sagittarius horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Starting April 2, Venus retrograde in your home sector might leave you feeling a little homesick, even if you’re already at home. Ask yourself what home means to you, and try to put more of that into your life in small but steady doses. Saturn retrograde in your sign on April 6 can be a little disheartening, and Mercury retrograde in your health and habits zone on April 9 could manifest as burnout if you’re not careful. Don’t give up, Sagittarius. Your friends revive your weary soul under the Libra full moon on April 11, and once Venus is direct again on April 15, you’ll feel much more grounded.

When Mercury retrograde enters the area of your astrology chart associated with romance on April 20, you could be dealing with crossed signals of a much more intimate nature. Remedy this by throwing yourself into any artistic projects you’d put on the back burner. The Taurus new moon brings a fresh start to your daily grind on April 20, and Saturn in your sign square Chiron in emotional Pisces brings much-needed catharsis on April 30. If you can hang in there for April, you’ll love what May has in store.

Your Power Product: Honey. Not only could you use something sweet in your life, it’s antibacterial properties will help keep you healthy you get through this month’s tough cosmic agenda.

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capricorn horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

We know you’re busy trying to conquer the world, but could the way you communicate those goals use a little polishing? As of April 2, Venus retrograde in your self-expression sector overhauls your thought processes as well as your writing and conversation styles. Efficiency is good, but there’s nothing wrong with sweetening things up. Once Venus is direct again on April 15, you’ll be able to talk your way into or out of nearly anything. Potential pitfalls this month? Your ruling planet, Saturn, will be retrograde in the last house of your horoscope from April 6, circling back to resolve any issues that never quite got closure.

A couple days later, Mercury retrograde begins in your pleasure zone, making it tough to focus on anything but play. By the time Pluto retrograde in your sign starts on April 20, you might wonder exactly who you are without your trademark workaholism. That’s especially true when Mercury retrograde shifts gears, landing in your home sector (and maybe your literal home). Luckily, the Taurus new moon on April 26 helps you start a new routine that balances out your work with a healthy dose of play.

The month closes out with your patron planet, Saturn, squaring off with sensitive Chiron to help you express your spirituality in ways you’ve never been able to before. It might feel weird at first, but know that it’s a necessary part of your healing process.

Your Power Product: A dance-inspired workout. Whether it’s Zumba or barre, it’s essential that you learn to go with the rhythm of this month and have fun with it.

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aquarius horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

You’re usually way more focused on humanitarian or spiritual concerns, like saving the planet or helping your soul evolve, but money plays a big part in that development this month. Yes, it’s a necessary evil, and Venus retrograde in the sector of your horoscope associated with wealth puts your attention on your wallet. Making a few tweaks to your budget or finding ways to feel rich that don’t cost money go a long way, and they’ll pay off after Venus direct on April 15. Even better, Mercury retrograde in your home sector from April 9 to 20 is the perfect opportunity for a staycation.

The Taurus new moon on April 26 doubles down on the cozy vibe. Work from home if you can, and make your abode a gorgeous sanctuary. By the time Mercury moves into your ideas sector on April 20, you won’t be able to write fast enough. Another great day this month is April 11, when the Libra full moon sends you on an adventure that opens your mind. Anything could happen, but since when has a little surprise ever stopped you?

Your Power Product: A bathrobe. Find something that makes lounging around your bathroom feel like staying at a five-star hotel.

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virgo horoscope april 2017
Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

From April 2 on, it’s makeover season. Venus retrograde in your sign says it’s time to rethink your appearance, from your wardrobe to your branding. What story is your look telling? If you’re not happy with it, start writing a new one. Wait until Venus direct on April 15 to do anything irreversible, like drastic hair transformations. After that, you’ll have the beauty goddess in full support of your metamorphosis. On April 11, the Libra full moon activates your sex sector, so it’s possible that the new you could lead to refreshed enthusiasm in the bedroom.

It’s always better when you love yourself first, right? Mercury retrograde in your self-expression zone from April 9 could leave you a little tongue-tied this month, but the new moon in Taurus on April 26 helps you say, write, or create what it is you need to tell others. At the month’s end, Saturn in Sagittarius square Chiron in your sign causes tension between you and your job duties. Listen to your heart for necessary but emotional guidance. You’ll do great.

Your Power Product: A sex toy. Yes, I’m serious. No matter how much work you’re doing to makeover your external appearance, it’s all for not if you don’t feel sexy of your own accord.

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