Forget About the Showers—April Horoscopes Are Here

Updated 04/26/18
April Horoscopes 2018

This month, we’re transitioning from pioneering Aries to practical Taurus. It’s when you can expect your big vision to start taking shape. Your motto for April? Actions speak way louder than words now. It’s all about taking your enthusiasm and making good on it. When the sun is in Aries, you have plenty of ideas, but once it moves into Taurus, they start to take on a material form. Taurus is the sign of money, so this is also when your goals start to pay off. If you’ve been putting in the work, you start to get the rewards!

The stars are quiet for the first half of the month, with Mercury retrograde in Aries helping you restructure what you want and how you’re going to go about getting it. On the 15th, Mercury direct and a motivating Aries new moon help you do just that. The day before, lucky Jupiter in Scorpio syncs with business-minded Pluto in Capricorn to set you up for success. Serious Saturn retrograde on the 17th could feel like a delay, but it’s actually giving you more time to work on something you love.

The sun into Taurus on the 19th shifts the vibe from wild child to bon vivant, so get ready to enjoy some indulgent treats during the next month. Intense Pluto retrograde in Capricorn helps you think more critically about your career goals and upgrade them if needed. It’s more about the way you think about it than anything external, but if you do need to network, Venus in Gemini piques everyone’s mutual curiosity! By the time the Scorpio full moon lights up the sky on the 29th, you’ll be ready to reveal something big.

What will be it be?

April Horoscopes 2018 — Aries

If Mercury retrograde in your sign since last month has you questioning your confidence, hang in there. In April, the stars are aligned for you to make a huge comeback! The cosmos is relatively quiet until the 14th, when lucky Jupiter syncs with rebirth planet Pluto in your career investment sectors. It’s a subtle shift, but if you pay attention, you’ll notice things start to go your way with co-workers and clients! Mercury direct and a new moon in your sign on the 15th help you make a totally fresh start in whatever area of your life needs it most.

By the time a Scorpio full moon lands in your intimacy sector on the 29th, you’re totally feeling yourself. You look amazing, and you feel great too!

Your power product: A down pillow (or two). You’ll need to get plenty of rest in order to take advantage of this month’s stars!

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Taurus

Midmonth, a lovely sync between party-hearty Jupiter in your partnership sector and passionate Pluto in your adventure zone lead you on a fantastic journey you won’t soon forget. Even better, on the 15th, Mercury direct and a new moon in the part of your horoscope associated with fantasies helps you make something you’ve been dreaming about a reality! The sun in your sign on the 19th adds a little shimmer to whatever project you’ve been working hardest on, and Venus in your house of money on the 24th says it’s definitely going to pay off.

By the time the Scorpio full moon arrives on the 7th, you’ll be ready to sign on the dotted line. Congratulations, Taurus!

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Gemini

If Mercury retrograde in your leadership sector since last month has been wearing you out, the stars are coming to the rescue! First, lucky Jupiter syncs with business-minded Pluto in your houses of routines and boundaries on the 14th, helping you set some ground rules that will serve you for the rest of 2018. The very next day, Mercury direct and a new moon surround you with people you admire and like-minded friends that will help you get some perspective. Even better, Venus in your sign on the 24th will make you irresistible, so plan any pitches or important meetings for after that date.

To round out the month, a Scorpio full moon in your health zone shows you which of your habits are serving you and which could use some work. It’s never too late to reset!

Your power product: A laundry basket. The only thing more refreshing than the smell of a warm dryer is your stars this month—we promise!

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Cancer

In your world, this year has already been an intense one for romance and creative collaboration, but a combo of lucky Jupiter and passionate Pluto on the 14th ups the interpersonal ante. You can’t resist the way you feel anymore! Whatever friendship, collaboration, or flirtation has been on your radar becomes too intense to ignore, but wait to act on your feelings until the next day, when Mercury direct and a new moon will help you say exactly what you need to say. Even better, the magnetic Scorpio full moon on the 29th illuminates your true feelings.

It’s easy to get swept up, but the moonlight helps you see more clearly.

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Leo

If Mercury retrograde in your expansion sector has you feeling stretched too thin, the stars this month are aligned to help you come back to center. On the 14th, power planets Jupiter and Pluto link up in your home and habit sectors to help you transform your life from the inside out. Upgraded routines support your growth, especially when Mercury direct and a new moon the next day start you on a journey that will both challenge and inspire you. The sun into your career zone on the 19th means you’ll be in the spotlight as you travel, but luckily, the Scorpio full moon in your privacy sector on the 29th lets you end the month with some “me” time.

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Virgo

Midmonth, adventurous Jupiter and seductive Pluto in your communication and creativity sectors show you how to ask for exactly what you want. Whether it’s with a lover or an artistic partner, you’ll be able to talk about anything, no matter how taboo. That’s especially true after Mercury goes direct and a new moon revs up your intimacy zone on the 15th. A Scorpio full moon in your self-expression zone on the 3rd means no idea, topic, or suggestion is off the table. Be bold and try what you want!

Your power product: A cheese knife. You’re ready to try new things this month, and a charcuterie plate is a great place to start!

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Libra

Things are relatively quiet in the stars until midmonth, when a positive alignment between adventurous Jupiter and power-hungry Pluto in your money and safety sectors help you come up with a way to secure your home base. Smart spending habits now are poised to have big returns under the Scorpio full moon later this month on the 29th! Mercury direct in your relationship zone on the 15th also feels like a relief, clearing the air between you and the people you love. Even better, an Aries new moon that same day infuses those connections with excitement that’s been lacking.

Venus, your ruling planet, into flirtatious Gemini on the 24th makes you even more affectionate than usual. Enjoy it, Libra!

Your power product: Rattan. Whether it’s in furniture or a light fixture, it feels as exotic as you want to be this month!

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Scorpio

When lucky Jupiter in your sign syncs up with Pluto in your ideas sector, you get an inspiration that will seriously pay off down the line. It’s potentially amazing for your everyday work life, so put some habits in place to capture that creativity, especially with Mercury direct and the Aries new moon the following day. Your ruling planet, Pluto, retrograde on the 22nd helps you think even deeper about your latest project, but don’t get caught in analysis paralysis. What you’re working on really is as good as it seems, and you’ll see that under the Scorpio full moon on the 29th.

A big accomplishment is on the way, so get ready to shine in the spotlight!

Your power product: A unisex fragrance. Get in touch a with your universal appeal this month by spritzing on a scent that’s sensual and androgynous.

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Sagittarius

If you’ve been feeling caught between the spiritual and the material, your ruling planet, Jupiter, in sync with powerful Pluto on the 14th shows you how to blend the two in a way that feels good and pays off. Whatever you’ve been working on behind the scenes finally starts to take shape, and Mercury direct paired with an Aries full moon on the 15th lets you forge ahead with plenty of inspiration to fuel you along the way. The Scorpio full moon on the 29th says it’s not quite time to take center stage yet, but don’t overlook how much you’ve accomplished in secret.

Take time to savor things just for yourself before you share them.

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Capricorn

You’re usually one to work alone, but when lucky Jupiter in your group sector sends good vibes to Pluto in your sign on the 14th, you could be offered a collaboration you can hardly resist. Alternately, this could be you flying solo, mapping out your long-term plan, and taking the first step towards making it a reality. Mercury direct and the Aries new moon in your emotion zone lift a weight off your shoulders, and it’s easier to move ahead now that you feel lighter. Still, serious Saturn and powerful Pluto both retrograde in your sign (on the 17th and 22nd, respectively) prompt some major self-evaluation.

It’ll be a slow burn, but over the next month, you have a chance to become a better you from the inside out. If it feels overwhelming, the Scorpio full moon in your house of friends on the 29th delivers moral support just in the nick of time.

Your power product: A wastebasket. There’s a lot of letting go in your life this month, and it’s a lot easier when the bin is beautiful.

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Aquarius

If you’ve been feeling stretched a little thin at work, lucky Jupiter in your career sector links up with Pluto in your house of rest to make sure that you’re getting in enough “me” time. Luckily, Mercury direct and an Aries new moon in your communication zone on the 15th help you speak up for yourself with confidence. Meanwhile, Saturn, your old-school ruling planet, retrograde in your spirituality sector on the 17th could prompt you to get serious about what you believe. If you’re doubting, have faith that it’s just part of the process.

Luckily, the Scorpio full moon on the 29th gives you some great professional news that lifts your spirits and helps you put it all into perspective.

Your power product: An office-to-evening bag. You’re going to be out and about quite a bit this month, so you need a tote that’s versatile!

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April Horoscopes 2018 — Pisces

On the 14th, lucky Jupiter (your old-school ruling planet) aligns with potent Pluto in your houses of growth and goals to help you make some serious progress toward whatever you want most. Even better, Mercury direct and an Aries new moon on the 15th mean that it’s all going to pay off and in a big way! The work you’ve put in gets rewarded, and it feels amazing. You’ll feel a big sense of relief when emotional healing asteroid Chiron leaves your sign for Aries on the 17th, too. The Scorpio full moon on the 29th pushes you out of your comfort zone but in a way that’s good for you.

It’s teaching you an important lesson, but it’s up to you to discover what that is.

Your power product: Marble. Whether it’s a decorative bowl or just a faux phone case, this classic stone elevates your look and your spirits this month.

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