Letter From the Editor: It's Time Women Are Paid What They're Worth

Hello, MyDomaine readers! Each month, we'll share a video from our editorial director, Sacha Strebe, to highlight our monthly theme (see our March letter) and give you a first look at the inspiring content we have planned. This month, we're talking about Equal Pay Day and why we can't afford to take the spotlight off this cause until we're all paid the same.

equal pay day
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"What is the reason we're not paid as much as men yet?" This was the question a young editor raised in a recent MyDomaine brainstorm session, and you know what? She has a point. Why aren't we paid as much as men? With the progress we have made in so many areas of society, it's incredibly frustrating to think that this is still an issue where women's voices need a microphone and a spotlight for their stories to be seen and heard. But of course, this isn't just a gender issue—there's the very real racial wage gap, too.

Unfortunately, there isn't just one straight answer to explain why the wage gap still exists. There's a myriad of reasons, but that doesn't mean we should stop fighting for it. In fact, it should give us all even more motivation to keep pushing forward with our case. Because it's a mighty strong one.

So this month, as Equal Pay Day rolls around for another year, we're going to pull back the veil and have some very real discussions about career and money to continue the work of our ancestral sisters who paved the way to where we are today. We might not be there yet, but every day, week, month, and year, we inch our way a little closer and in the process continue to raise awareness, bring about understanding, and ultimately create much-needed change.

Here are three things to look out for in April:

Owning It

In a candid interview, talented footwear designer Tamara Mellon shares her personal fight for equal pay and how it was a major reason she left Jimmy Choo to start her own brand. Since the pay gap has not improved, Mellon is on a mission to draw more attention to the issue. Don't miss our video in which she reveals tips for negotiating an equal salary, how to stand up for equal rights, and how we can empower other women to do the same.

The Rise of the Female Breadwinner

According to a recent Pew Research Center study, 40% of moms are breadwinners. To document this change, we interviewed modern families in which the mom has taken up the breadwinner position to discuss how the roles have converged, how the gender roles have changed within their household, if a woman earning more money really does matter/change the dynamic in a relationship, and how they've handled the cultural perception of the "breadwinner father."

Money Mentor

In this new series, our in-house financial expert responds to your most pressing questions. Worried about your financial future? Don't know if you should save your money or invest it? Still unsure about your 401K or how to make sure you have enough money when you retire? Be sure to DM us on Instagram and we'll have our expert answer them.

But that's not all. Tune in all month long for more of our engaging, thought-provoking, and path-forging content. Let's make sure everyone gets paid what they're worth.

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