Okay, We're in Love With These Arabic Baby Names

If you don't have a family name you want to bestow upon your little one on the way, then you definitely still want to give them a moniker that means something (to you, to others, and one day, to them). Although all titles have a meaning of sorts, some go back further and are rooted in history; Arabic baby names fit into that category. And in case you were wondering, Arabic baby names come from the 22 countries in the Middle East and Africa that form the Arab League.

The language comes from the Semitic family, of which Hebrew, Aramaic, and Phoenician also belong. This helps put things into perspective since as we mentioned, the Arab language goes back—way back. In fact, it's rumored to have originated in the second millennium B.C. and is actually interwoven into both the Muslim and Christian religions. Needless to say, these names have heart and are particularly unique over here in the States. So go on, keep reading to see our absolute favorite Arabic baby names we (strongly) hope you consider.