Design Lovers, This Is the Carry-On Bag for You

We've waxed poetic about the importance of travel, marveled at the art of strategic packing, and scoured the internet in search of the perfect carry-on bag. It goes without saying that we're both travel junkies and design lovers at heart, always looking for stylish, practical products that manage to converge these two interests.

We believe that travel is a privilege, one that's best enjoyed with the most elegant travel accessories that reflect who we are. No other brand embodies that ethos as effortlessly as Arlo Skye. Having enjoyed a short flight home to visit family, proudly touting an Arlo Skye carry-on bag through La Guardia airport, I can confidently say that this piece of luggage manages to be practical, durable, and tech-savvy—without sacrificing style and design (just look at its Instagram account).


Courtesy of Arlo Skye

The brainchild of former Louis Vuitton and Tumi executives, Mayur Bhatnager and Denielle Wolfe, the Arlo Skye brand was created for the design-conscious consumer, one whose love of travel is only rivaled by their commitment to style and creativity. "We started our journey with one question: What does it take to create something meaningful?" opined Bhatnagar in a recent press release. "The answer can be distilled to one word: simplicity."

Arlo Skye's commitment to this principle is truly remarkable: Crafted from a lightweight aluminum-magnesium alloy, the carry-on houses a portable phone and tablet charger, coded locks for maximum security, two removable compression packing panels, and two shoe bags. Despite the significant amount of hardware (you'll never have to search for the wall outlet again!), the design is sleek, elegant, and uncompromised. "We made every decision deliberately, as an artist would," remarked Wolfe, co-founder and chief design officer. "Every detail is purposeful, yet restrained. It leaves room for the user’s self­ expression."

What are your thoughts on the Arlo Skye brand? Pre-order your very own carry-on and share your review in the comments below.

Opening Image: Original illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis