We Tested 4 Aromatherapy Diffusers—This Won by a Mile

There's no denying we love burning a scented candle at night after a long day—but ever since we found out that this self-care habit might be bad for our health, we feel a flicker of guilt every time we bring a match to the candle wick. As we slowly try to fade off this not-so-great habit, we're picking up a new one: aromatherapy diffusers. Using only water and essential oils, this new alternative gives us all the relaxing aromatherapy we need without the harmful acetone, benzene, and toluene emissions from standard candles.

We love our new self-care habit: The energizing scent of lemon slowly misting away at our desks and the soothing aromas of lavender lulling us to sleep are enough to get us hooked—not to mention the humidifying properties are a bonus. But between meditating lights, speed functions, and tank sizes, choosing the right aromatherapy diffuser for our needs can be tricky. So we asked four MyDomaine editors to test and review their diffuser with all their bells and whistles (or lack thereof), so you can pick the right one. From the highest to lowest ranking, here are our favorite aromatherapy diffusers to keep you zen.

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