A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Art

Tia Borgsmidt

Tappan Collective is an online platform that introduces emerging visual artists to both new and seasoned collectors. As a source of education and discovery, it shares insights on collecting art and the latest trends for art lovers. Here, Tappan gives you, MyDomaine readers, an introduction to starting your first art collection.

The time to start (or add) to your art collection is now. By focusing on emerging artists and different mediums, you can grow a collection that is distinct and inspirational. Collecting art is a personal journey, whether you’re making purchases on a piece-by-piece basis or cultivating a long-term collection. The key is to select pieces that resonate with you so that your collection begins to reflect who you are. You may find that the process of collecting art is a lot less intimidating than you assumed. If you’ve been hesitant about starting your first art collection, begin with these seven simple steps.

When you start looking for pieces, trust what you’re drawn to and know that your taste will evolve.

Gain exposure to a wide array of art by participating in artist communities. The Journal on Tappan Collective is dedicated to telling our artists’ stories and educating art buyers and collectors.

Fritz Hansen

Feel comfortable asking questions about the artist and their work. Learning more about an artist and why they create enhances your relationship.

Only spend what you’re comfortable with. Great art can be purchased at any price point.

Nicoline Olsen

Make sure to request a certificate of authenticity for each artwork you acquire. Knowing the history or authenticity of a work is helpful for determining value.

Ask yourself, Why am I drawn to this piece? You’ll learn more about yourself and how to be thoughtful in your future purchases.

Just do it—take the plunge! Once you start the buying process, you’ll become more comfortable in exploring your taste.

A limited-edition photograph is a fixed number of editions or copies for the reproduction of a photograph. By limiting the number of editions, you increase value.

"Ladies" by Gia Coppola $140
"Nike" by Emily Knecht $110

Similar to a limited-edition photograph, a limited-edition fine art print is a fixed number of editions or copies for the reproduction of an art piece.

"Kiss 6" by Deerdana $60
Carola Kastman

A hand embossed monoprint is the process by which an artist imprints paper without the aid of a printed pictorial image or foil. The color of the embossed image is the same as the color of the surface.

"Polka Dot" by Cheryl Humphries $110

A silkscreen print is a stencil process of printmaking in which an image is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh.

"Dropped Like That" by Daniel Fletcher $420
Aico Lind

Original mixed media is a unique piece of artwork composed of a combination of different media or materials.

"Wonderland 06" by Alice Quaresma $950

An original painting is a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork where paint has been applied to a surface.

"Japanese Fabric in Autumn" by Anna Valdez $3000
"Man, That's a Hat... on a Hat!" by Jonni Cheatwood $5000

Are you ready to start your first art collection? Which piece would you begin with?

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