A Beginner's Guide to Collecting Art

Tappan Collective is an online platform that introduces emerging visual artists to both new and seasoned collectors. As a source of education and discovery, it shares insights on collecting art and the latest trends for art lovers. Here, Tappan gives you, MyDomaine readers, an introduction to starting your first art collection.

The time to start (or add) to your art collection is now. By focusing on emerging artists and different mediums, you can grow a collection that is distinct and inspirational. Collecting art is a personal journey, whether you’re making purchases on a piece-by-piece basis or cultivating a long-term collection. The key is to select pieces that resonate with you so that your collection begins to reflect who you are. You may find that the process of collecting art is a lot less intimidating than you assumed. If you’ve been hesitant about starting your first art collection, begin with these seven simple steps.

Are you ready to start your first art collection? Which piece would you begin with?