Take a Trip Back to the Roaring '20s With These Art Deco Mirrors

Art Deco Mirrors

We may have fawned over the extravagant homes of The Great Gatsby, but that doesn't mean we would be ready to adopt the full glitz and glam of Art Deco style in our own homes. The roaring '20s were a period of excess, something that's definitely reflected in the décor style—which incorporates metallic tones, geometric patterns, and reflective surfaces. While our modern aesthetic is more subdued, the architecture style popularized in the 1920s is rich with iconic pieces and materials that can actually blend quite well in our more modern homes. Translation: The art déco style always looks expensive.

If you're not prepared to go full Great Gatsby in your space, there is one item in particular that we're fond of for its versatility and more minimalistic appeal: the art deco mirror. Often characterized by beveled edges and geometric shapes, it reflects light more than a regular mirror and makes any space look like a million bucks. Ready to infuse a little Daisy Buchanan spirit into your space? Look no further than these unique art deco mirrors.

Bailey Street Home Wall Mirror Art Deco Style
Bailey Street Home Classic Art-Deco Style Arched Wall Mirror $98 $78

This elegant, fan-shaped wall mirror is the picture of sleek and simple elegance.

Art Deco Mirror CB2
CB2 Deco Mirror $249

This hand-cut frameless mirror is reminiscent of the geometric shapes popular in the art deco era. It's ideal for added dimension, especially over a mantle or entryway.

Romina Art Deco Antique Silver Finished Accent Wall Mirror
English Elm Romina Art Deco Antique Silver Finished Accent Wall Mirror $225

Angled and geometric, this beaded art deco–inspired mirror reflects tons of light thanks to its beveled edged and frame. Use it in a room with tons of natural light for maximum impact.


This stunning vintage-inspired design is both grandiose and delicate at the same time. With elegant details reminiscent of the Chrysler Building in New York, this piece is as art deco as they come.

Large Round Natural Wood Wall Mirror
World Market Large Round Natural Wood Wall Mirror $150

This modern round mirror uses a feature quite popular in the art deco period: burl wood—a rare material that has exquisite grain detailing. If you're more of a minimalist, it's the perfect piece for you.

Brass Notched Ophelia Mirror
World Market Brass Notched Ophelia Mirror $160

World Market's geometric mirror with a notched metal frame and luminous brass finish is a modern rendition of an art deco–style mirror.

Jane Art Deco Antique Style Rectangular Accent Wall Mirror
8th Interiors Jane Art Deco Antique Style Rectangular Accent Wall Mirror $278

This mirror that would be right at home in the house of Daisy Buchanan or Jay Gatsby.

Medium Rectangle Gold Art Deco Accent Mirror with Adjustable Side Mirrors
Home Decorators Collection Medium Rectangle Gold Art Deco Accent Mirror $119

This gold vanity mirror with adjustable side mirrors is the perfect choice to help you get ready for your next 1920s-inspired party. It has just the right amount of glam and glitz that art deco is known for.

Melanie Octagon Mirror
Anthropologiie Melanie Octagon Mirror $348

This art deco-inspired octagon mirror will bring geometric glamour to your space. Unique bronze framing on the outer edge adds to its antiqued, vintage appeal.

Anthropologie Abate Slatted Mirror
Anthropologie Abate Slatted Mirror $398

We love the antiqued look of this statement mirror, which gives a nod to the art deco style with its unusual shape and vintage allure.

Round Gold Sunburst Spoke Wall Mirror
World Market Round Gold Sunburst Spoke Wall Mirror $250

Sunburst is traditionally associated with the midcentury period, but this decorative statement piece is definitely art deco in style.

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