7 Creative Ways to Incorporate Art in a Small Space

Tappan Collective is an online platform that introduces emerging visual artists to both new and seasoned collectors. As a source of education and discovery, it shares insights on collecting art and the latest trends for art lovers. Here, Tappan gives MyDomaine readers tips for adding art into small living spaces.

For those of us who call a studio, small apartment, or loft "home," size matters. There are only so many pieces of furniture you can fit into a living room and bedroom. In truly small living areas, you have to take advantage of every inch of space available—including your walls. Create a dynamic interior by adorning your walls with art. Not only does art reflect your style, it can also create drama, tell a story, make moments happen, and give the illusion of something bigger, even in a small area.

Keep reading for seven creative ways to incorporate art into your small space.

How do you incorporate art into the small areas of your home?