You'll Never Regret Purchasing Art for Your Home if You Consider This

Updated 08/02/18
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Let’s be honest, investing in art for the home feels very “adult” and serious. Firstly, they often come with a hefty price tag and secondly, it’s a very expensive mistake to make if your taste changes. However, if there’s one item that displays your true aesthetic and will offer you and your guests an instant sense of joy every time you step into your abode, it’s art. So, to help us navigate this tricky terrain, we asked local artist Alesandro Ljubicic, who recently collaborated with Ecoya for their new limited edition summer candles, to share with us the key elements to think about before swiping your card on that art piece.

Read on for his best advice. 

Why do you think art is so important to the home? 

I definitely believe art is important in the home. Not only does it complete the interior visually, but it's also a way for the home owner to express who they are. The art a person chooses to display can say a lot about their personality; it’s like an extension of one's personal style. Art can also be used to set the tone and mood of a room, and a painting can be a great conversation starter when having guests over!

What are some elements people should think of when choosing art for their own homes? 

The most important thing in my eyes when choosing art is to make sure it's something you genuinely love as this is something you're going to have to look at every day for many years to come. You should also choose art that you connect with and that has a personal meaning to you behind it. And of course, you can’t forget some practicality matters: Choosing the right sized art is also important as the work should compliment the space, not be lost or too overpowering.

What are some of your favourite items to style art alongside (e.g. candles, greenery, books)

I love to style candles alongside art; the fragrance as they burn really sets the mood of the room. I’ve got oversized books on the coffee table in sculpture-like stacks, and it’s imperative that I have plants around the room. 




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