Inside a Creative Director's Seriously Cool Home Studio

The state of our surroundings plays a critical role in our daily mood and mind-set. Love color? Sprinkle it all around yourself and watch your mood skyrocket from zero to hero in no time. Prefer monochrome with pops of art? Scale it back and layer unique works around yourself for a serious pick-me-up. If your work requires you to conjure up new ideas, your space needs to act as a catalyst for creating them, and a boring one will only generate monotony. If you need any proof, just look at the insanely cool studio of Lauren Ashley Allan.

The former senior designer for Kelly Wearstler and now creative director at Nate Berkus knows the importance of an environment that spurs ingenuity and originality. Gray Malin ventured into her space to experience this effect for himself, and the result was life-altering. Lauren plays with color in her studio just like she does with her clothing. " I like to dress up each day and make the most of it," she said. "This attitude affects everything you do, the way you sketch, put together a room, and even the way you visually communicate with people. It's so important to live in color!" We couldn't agree more. We guarantee you'll want to mimic this artful space in your own home—this science-backed activity instantly relieves stress too