This Cool Artist Studio Will Compel You to Pick Up a Brush

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a painter? Well, you might consider taking it up as a hobby if not a career after stepping into the striking studio of Salt Lake City artist Holly Addi. There are people among us who lead an inspired life and pursue a creative path without exception, and Addi is one of those who constantly inspires and motivates me. You might recognize her incredible work from my Los Angeles living room makeover. As soon as I set eyes on on the piece I have, I knew it would transform our space and really set the tone for the new design. It's now the talking point of our home, and I don't know how many people have messaged me on Instagram asking who made it.

Addi has been creative since childhood, but she actually studied psychology at the University of Utah first. "I continued to paint throughout this time, but viewed my studies as a necessary part of my future artistic life as psychology is the backbone of the artist's mind," she tells me. Post-college, Addi opened a high-end floral shop and despite the nationally recognized success, she finally chose to go back to her roots and start painting full time rather than expand the business further after 15 years.

She hopes this decision and major career leap will inspire other talented creatives to do the same. "I think it's really important as an artist to nurture your talent and not let anyone turn that light off," she says. "Art takes digging deep." So take a step inside Addi's studio and we guarantee you'll pick up a brush and start painting too.