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11 Emerging Artists to Follow on Instagram

best emerging artists to follow on Instagram - Zoë Pawlak

Artwork: Zoë Pawlak; Photo: Klassen Photography; Design: Amanda Hamilton

Whether you're looking for stylish artwork to upgrade your space or seeking creative inspiration to pick up your own paintbrush, there's no shortage of beautiful pieces on Instagram. The social media app has long been loved for its endless array of famed artists and top designers—and we're especially fond of using it to seek out emerging artists that are making their names in the industry.

Instagram is a great place to start when you're searching for ideas to get your own creative juices flowing. When it comes to the art world, there are a few perks to following emerging artists. By keeping up with the pieces your favorite creators are working on, you'll have a better chance at acquiring their latest work to display in your home. It's also helpful to discover new styles, color palettes, and subject ideas when you're designing your space or developing your own artwork.

Keep scrolling to discover our favorite emerging artists on Instagram, and take your social media feed to the next level with these rising stars of the art world.

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Heather Day

Heather Day is a bright artist and blogger based in California. Her work is characterized by large, abstract brushstrokes in bold pigments that blend watercolor with clean lines and intricate details. Day aims to visualize the process of perceiving the five senses, "mining what happens when the body interprets a sound as a texture, or a scent as a color," the artist notes in her portfolio.

Follow along on Day's artistic journey as she opens fresh exhibitions and works on the High Desert studio, a construction project for her new home and studio in Joshua Tree, CA.

Heather Day
Heather Day "Sing The Mark" Upon Inquiry
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Dorothy Shain Henderson

Dorothy Shain Henderson is a young South Carolina artist with a penchant for vibrant patterns. Her artwork is fun and bright, just like her personal style. Shain credits her artistic beginnings to her mother's wave of creativity during her pregnancy, which has played an important role in Shain's life since childhood.

The artist's clever use of color blends bright hues with earthy neutrals, which all come together in paintings surrounding florals, landscapes, and even playful depictions of pets. In the past, Shain has collaborated with Anthropologie in a swimwear line and displayed her work through Furbish Studio.

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Zoë Pawlak

Zoë Pawlak is a contemporary artist and designer based in Vancouver. Her paintings consist of clean, simple lines in curved shapes that often resemble landscapes and the human body in abstract designs. Pawlak's earthy-hued work uses carefully curated palettes to create an "evocative, intuitive command of color, material use, and composition," the artist notes in her portfolio.

Not only does Pawlak make eye-catching paintings, but she also has a beautiful collection of hand-knotted rugs and a collaboration of stunning hand-painted credenzas with Jeff Martin Joinery.

Zoe Pawlak
Zoë Pawlak "Gold Vessel II" Upon Inquiry
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Andy Dixon

Andy Dixon is a stylish artist splitting his time between Vancouver and Los Angeles. He's a fan of pastel colors in his artwork and polo, tennis, and yachting in his spare time (consider us part of the fan club). Dixon's unique work finds the intersection between abstract styles and traditional realism, which is evident in his colorful pieces that depict images reminiscent of historic Greek paintings with a modern twist.

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Michael Kagan

Michael Kagan is a trailblazing New York artist who depicts images of man’s quest to push physical limits in the most sensational ways. With a focus on astronauts, Kagan creates high-end paintings and has even delved into the world of sculptures. The artist has also collaborated on a clothing line for Pharell's Billionaire Boys Club and painted the award-winning artwork for White Lies’ album, Import.

His first sculpture, "CERNAN AR," is a life-sized sculpture based on the above painting which came to fruition after years of painting large-scale astronauts and working with augmented reality. The finished piece is coated in a shimmering bronze metallic hue, as it was lacquered, mirror-polished, and completed with a glass bead-blasted bronze cast.

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Kate Worum

Kate Worum is a talented Minneapolis-based illustrator and designer with an outgoing personality. Her colorful work is characterized by floral prints in natural, earthy hues, and the artist has a special interest in creating wallpaper.

As a half-owner of She She, Worum has brought her vibrant patterns to market by designing hand-painted wallpaper with interior architect Jennifer A. Jorgensen. The team's work is available in black-and-white options, intricate patterns, and minimalist floral designs that mimic custom murals.

She She
She She Nerdie Berdie Wallpaper (48" x 8') $192.00
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Sally King Benedict

Atlanta-based Sally King Benedict is no stranger to the design world: She's had her work featured in several popular interior design magazines and showcased in many gorgeous homes. While the artist began her career in Charleston, SC, she now takes her inspiration from life in Georgia after earning her degree in Studio Art from the College of Charleston.

Benedict's abstract paintings are filled with dense, vibrant designs that are especially loved by interior designers to bring pops of color and personality to a room—and we're swooning over the thought of displaying her work in our homes.

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Jen Stark

Jen Stark’s drippy murals may seem familiar. After all, she covered the exterior of The Surf Lodge in Montauk, painted a mural in Miami’s International Airport, and provided trippy art for the VMAs featuring Miley Cyrus.

We can't get enough of Stark's art, from her dense, abstract patterns to her clever use of color which brings a holographic vibe to each work. With 3D designs, animation, and eye-catching prints, this artist is one to keep on your radar with an array of striking pieces.

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Teil Duncan Henley

Wanderluster and artist Teil Duncan uses her beautiful travel photography to inspire her art. Based in Georgia, Duncan is well-known for her dreamy beach study paintings. Along with gorgeous pieces depicting life on the coast, the artist also specializes in painting the natural human form in abstract works.

Follow Duncan for an array of creative paintings featuring colorful beach umbrellas, seascapes of the shore, and playful prints with eclectic patterns.

Teil Duncan
Teil Duncan "Coastal Gems" Print (24" x 24") $150.00
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Britt Bass Turner

Britt Bass Turner is an artist with a colorful Southern style. Her work, which is also featured as prints on clutches, phone cases, and stationery, is simply stunning. Based in Roswell, GA, Turner paints abstract pastel works while living life with her high-school sweetheart, children, and their pup, Birdie.

Follow Turner for a dreamy addition to your feed with light colors, airy designs, and cloud-like shapes. To display her work in your home, browse the artist's seasonal collections that can bring a calming sense of simplicity to your space.

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Lulie Wallace

Artist Lulie Wallace is known for her beautiful floral artwork and textiles. Part of the prolific Charleston art crew, she sells art in addition to items like bathrobes, scarves, pillows, scented candles, and baby blankets.

Wallace's unique floral patterns are characterized by large brush strokes and pastel hues. Her work is a beautiful blend of elegant styles with a playful twist, which all come together for paintings that can bring color and dimension to any space.

Lulie Wallace
Lulie Wallace Elizabeth Pillow $128.00