Ashley Tisdale Shares Her Secrets for Success

Maintaining a work/life balance with one full-time job is challenging enough, but five? Well now that’s just crazy, right? Not for Ashley Tisdale. The actress is redefining what it means to be a girl boss with her impressive, ever-expanding résumé, which includes owning a production company (Blondie Girl Productions), co-founding a lifestyle site (The Haute Mess), launching a cosmetics line (Illuminate), and serving as the newly appointed creative director for T-shirt brand Signorelli. And at 30 years old, Tisdale tells us she’s just getting started.

Slowing down is not an option for Tisdale, who at the Michele Marie PR offices in Los Angeles, home of Signorelli, revealed that she is often her happiest when she is busiest. So with a career going full speed ahead, the questions had to be asked: How does she manage it all? And where is Ashley Tisdale, the entrepreneur and the brand, going from here? Keep reading for our exclusive interview with the star.