Ask Estee: Bookshelf Styling

domaine-ask-estee-bookshelf QHow should I style my bookshelf? Clients always seem to have a hard time arranging their books and bookshelves. It can easily look over-designed or too messy and cluttered. Here, my favorite tips for an eye-catching look.1.  Add standout pieces: Intersperse your books with classical curios: antique pieces or porcelain or metal decorative objects, such as Kate Spade's Castle Peak Gift Vases or Ankasa's Studded Edged Bowl are a great way to inject interest.
2. Capitalize on the color scheme: Group similar hues together, or, if you want to make more of a statement, paint the back of your bookshelf--I love Benjamin Moore's Carter Gray. 3. Create a theme: Stay away from over-crowding your space, and arrange like items by shape, or texture. A grouping of white pottery, for example, looks stunning on dark wood. Start your collection with Garde's earthenware vase by Hella Jongerius. 4. Change the shelf height: varying shelf heights so they don't all line-up exactly will add interest to your existing bookshelf. You'll be able to use larger pieces and break out of the "lined-up soldiers" look that gets boring so quickly. I love CB2's Helix White Oak Wall Mounted Bookcase for built-in level-changes.   estee-signature-layout Photograph: Justin Coit