Ask Estee:
Budget-Friendly Framing

dh-estee-frames-promo Q: How do I frame things on a budget? If you're working with a tight budget and you want to hang some pictures, I like West Elm's solid wood frames in whitewashed ash. The finish adds a nice organic touch, and works with the room's existing woods and materials. CB2's brushed aluminum frames are great when you want to add a touch of modern. Both come with white mats, which add a finished look.  
1. Freestanding Wooden Frames, from $19, West Elm 2. Gallery Frames, from $20, CB2 That said, sometimes I forgo the frame all together. Instead, try some cool push pins; they'll give your wall a little texture and detail. There are also some great new tape colors that will add a touch of energy and irreverence to your home. I like to mount black and white photos with neon pick washi tape. The result is simple, unexpected, and unpretentious--three very good things. 1. Wood Push Pins, $4, Shopwiki 2. Neon Pink Washi Tape, from $3, Etsy   estee-signature-layout