Ask Estee: Cabinet Shame

dh-estee-backlog-02 Q. What do I do about my ugly kitchen cabinets?Time and time again, I'll walk into the kitchen of a client's newly purchased home and find dreadful cabinets waiting for me. They make you want to grab a hammer and start renovating on the spot. But if you can't afford to rip them out and replace them, there is an alternative: white paint. It looks timeless and beautiful, just be sure to use a cleanable paint and stay away from any formulas that are too glossy. There are two white paints I use all the time--details below!1. White DEW380 Paint in Low Sheen, $67 per gallon, Dunn-Edwards Paints 2. All White No. 2005 Paint in Semi-Gloss, $105 per gallon, Farrow & Ball