Ask Estee: Create a Stylish Bedding Look

estee-001 Q: I love a pretty bed with color and pattern, but I'm scared to commit to something I may hate in the future. How can I make my bed look stylish without going over the top? Bold bedding is a great way to make a statement in your bedroom and punch up your living space. If you're hesitant about how exactly to do this, my advice is to start small. Invest in a great, neutral duvet cover or bedspread that can serve as a versatile backdrop for almost any color or pattern. With that low-key base, don't be scared to then go bold with shams, throw pillows, and blankets. Remember, with these easy accessories, you're free to change accents out as often as you'd like. Switch up your blankets and pillows each season, or if you get tired of a color or pattern, know it's easy to change the palette of your entire space without having to break your bank account!
estee-signature-layout Photographs: Courtesy of  Kara Rosenlund