Ask Estee: Dividing A Room

ask-estee Q. What's the best way to divide a space? These days, dining rooms double as home offices and living rooms function as playrooms. In a small room, I always put down a rug in each area to create separate zones. ABC Carpet & Home is my favorite resource for rugs. Pick rugs that are complementary, like two kilims with similar colors, or a pair of sisal rugs. You can also introduce plants to amplify the division. Not only are Fiddle-Leaf Figs beautiful, they're great indoors. If you've got a bigger room, use furniture to block off separate spaces. A console table behind a couch will act as a natural room divider.  Keeping zones distinct prevents a multipurpose room from feeling overwhelming or disorganized.
  estee-signature-layout  Photograph: Estee Stanley