Ask Estee: How Do I Revamp My Dining Room Chairs?

ask-estee-dining-room-chairs Q. What's the best way to update the seat cushions on my dining room chairs? Recovering the upholstery on your dining room chairs is an easy and cost effective way to give not only your chairs, but your entire room a quick facelift. The most important step in this process is selecting a durable, stain-resistant fabric that will wear well when that dreaded red wine or food spill occurs. Make a trip to your local fabric store or check out Calico Corners online and you'll quickly discover how many beautiful options there that serve both form and function.
If you're ambitious enough, using some batting, a staple gun, and your new fave fabric can be a fun DIY weekend project. If not, ask someone at your fabric store if they recover furniture or if they can recommend someone who can. Before you know it, you'll be dining in style! estee-signature-layout Photograph: Courtesy of Studio William Hefner