Ask Estee: Painted Moldings

dh-estee-molding QMoldings-to paint or not to paint?People often ask me this all the time--my response is multi-fold.If you're keeping your walls in the white or cream family: I love a larger-scaled molding for both the base of the wall and the crown.If you're going to paint the room a color: I think it looks nice to match the molding to the wall--it's a nice variation on the expected, more formal white trim. This modern touch (which also works in traditional spaces) is a beautiful finish to a room.
If you have the budget: Splash out on new moldings that are six-inches to eight-inches wide.  Four-inch moldings are most common, so the additional height creates a custom look whose shape and detail can be varied based on personal preference. My favorite source for prefabricated moldings is Inviting Home --I've picked out a few of my favorites below.   estee-signature-layout