Ask Estee: Party Lighting

  • QWhat are your tips for mood lighting?
  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. It's so crucial to creating atmosphere, and yet so many people forget the importance of it--especially when entertaining guests. Here are three of my favorite tricks to help you set the tone.
Turn it down: The key is to have the lights dimmed, to take away any glare. I like Lutron's Maestro Dimmer Switch. Add a reflection: As mentioned in a previous Ask Estee, I love a candle story. I suggest enhancing tea lights with glass accessories and mirrors to reflect and amplify your mood lighting. Build in hang time: I'm a big fan of pendants and lanterns for indoor and outdoor settings--Greige's Berlin Pendant Lamps are a favorite, as are Terrain's Verdisgris Filigree Lanterns.   estee-signature-layout Photograph: Courtesy Houzz