Ask Estee: Pillow Fluffing

dh-estee-promo-pillow Q: To fluff or dent: Is there really a right way to style your pillows? Sometimes when you're about to entertain and are cleaning up your living room, you notice your pillows are a little sad looking. If they've lost their shape and look a bit messy--and not in the good, nonchalant way--try this trick. Take the cushion insert out of its cover and lay it outside in the sun for an hour or two; the pillow will spring back to life. I was shocked when I first tried it, but it really works. Once the pillow is fluffy again, put it back in its cover and on the sofa. Some people like to karate chop the heck out of the pillow, but I like a softer crease, just a little in the middle so it's not completely straight across the top.