Ask Estee: Small Space Bathroom Storage

estee-bathroom-storage Q.  Oh how I envy those people with bathroom storage.  My tiny bathroom has a shower stall and a bathtub but no place to put anything. Storing things in a storage free bathroom sounds like an impossible feat doesn't it?  Well no fear, there are a few simple options on how to make your small space clutter free while keeping it cute. If you have a few square feet to spare, picking out a small cabinet from your favorite furniture store can be a great way of tucking clutter away while gaining some much needed counter space.

If purchasing a cabinet is not a possibility, try some great woven baskets that you can tuck under or around your sink area.  That way, you have easy access to all of your bathroom necessities while keeping them organized and out of sight.  Lastly, if there is no floor space to spare, look up!  Mounting some floating shelves is a great idea for creating a space to display all of those pretty perfume or cologne bottles without having them clutter your counters up.