Ask Estee: The Perfect Lamp

  • Q: What is the correct lamp size to table size ratio?
  • Of course this all depends on what sort of table we're talking about, but it's good to keep in mind that you should always leave at least four-inches on all sides between your lamp and the edge of your table.
On a standard-sized console table that measures approximately 30-inches wide and 30-inches high, I love a large lamp with a simple shade, such as Circa's Desmond Table Lamp. On an end table or nightstand with a smaller surface, say 15-square-inches, you should think small with your lighting choice, but compensate for scale by choosing something that makes a statement, such as Pottery Barn's Antique Mercury Glass Bedside Lamp. On a desk surface, which typically measures 60-by-30 inches it's good to split the difference with a medium-sized lamp--in this department, I'm loving the look of something industrial, like Lamps Plus' Dimond Farmhouse Antique Brass Table Lamp.     estee-signature-layout Photograph: Justin Coit