Ask Estee: Updating Ceiling Tiles

dh-estee-ceiling-tiles QWhat do I do about my hideous ceiling tiles?The easiest solution is to paint your tiles a different color, but there are other options too, depending on your budget. (Note: This may be one of those times where it's advisable to hire a professional to assist in painting or installing replacement tiles.)
1. If you want to replace the tiles: I love fake tin and fake copper tiles, which are made of a lightweight metal that can be pressed into different shapes and designs. Coffered Faux Tin Ceiling Tile, $11 each, Decorative Ceiling Tiles 2. If you want to cover the tiles: Tissue paper or wallpaper can be used to do the job, as can burlap and canvas--which gives the ceiling more texture. Burlap, $3/yard, Jo-Ann   estee-signature-layout   Photograph: Courtesy Houzz